How Do Muscles Grow?

How Do Muscles Grow? | Bulu Box - sample superior vitamins and supplements
We lift weights, do calisthenics and eat the right food to grow our muscles. But, what’s actually going on beneath the skin that gives us the tone look we’re working toward.

When muscles undergo intense exercise there is trauma to the muscle fibers. Now this sounds scary but actually, this is how muscles grow! Your body actually activates satellite cells surrounding the muscle fiber to help repair or replace muscle fibers. This leads to what is known in the science world as Hypertrophy, or muscle growth for the rest of us. Adaptation is the process by which the muscle actually adapts to the overload stress and gets stronger, making you stronger! Isn’t that cool!

The Getting Big Myth
Many factors are involved in muscle growth but one of the biggest over looked area is that of gender. Often women do not want to lift weights for fear of getting “big” and “bulky”. Though, this isn’t the case. Women’s bodies are not made to get big like men. Testosterone is a key growth factor in muscle development and because women’s testosterone levels are much lower, they don’t see the size gains as men do. Instead, their muscles often shape and harden. Remember, strong is the new sexy :).

Where Do Supplements Come In?
Supplements are a great way to help your muscles heal faster and become stronger. Protein supplements like Slimming Smoothie are a great way to replace the protein broken down during exercise. Muscles grow when the rate of protein synthesis is higher than that of protein breakdown in muscles. This means more protein = better muscle repair = more muscle growth or toned physique.

So what about BCAA? Branched Chain Amino Acids make up about 35% of muscle mass and must be present for growth and development to take place. BCAA has been considered one of the most important supplements for muscle growth. It not only helps repair muscle fibers faster but also allow the muscles to synthesis protein longer. Pretty cool huh?! So what’s in a good BCAA? Look for a supplement that gives you a full range of amino acids without added sugars or carbohydrates. AminoX from BSN is a 0 sugar BCAA supplement that can help your muscle recovery without any extra carbohydrate stores.




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