How do you kick off your midday pick-me-up?

When it comes to mornings or midday pick-me-ups, we’re all in need of a boost. But are you a coffee or tea person? Americans age 18-29 are choosing to drink tea over coffee. Currently, 42% of 18 – 29 year olds are choosing a steamy mug of tea over coffee, compared to age 30-44 who are choosing tea at just 35%!

Coffee and tea both have great benefits and flavors. Whether you’re a peppermint mocha lover or a green tea enthusiast, you’re sure to find great perks.


  1. A cup or two post-workout can help ease muscle pain up to 48%.
  2. It boosts your physical performance for longer workouts.
  3. Caffeine can increase fat burning and boost your resting metabolic rate.
  4. It’s packed with essential nutrients like manganese, potassium and Vitamin B2!
  5. It can lower your risk for diseases like Alzheimer’s and Type II Diabetes.


  1. Black tea has the highest levels of caffeine and comes in flavors like chai.
  2. It can boost exercise endurance.
  3. White tea is the best anticancer tea!
  4. Despite the caffeine, it’s hydrating to the body.
  5. It can increase your memory, focus and concentration.

Which do you prefer to get you through the day: coffee or tea?


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