How Much Sugar Does Freshly Squeezed Juice Actually Have?


Drinking freshly squeezed juice sounds like an amazing and healthy option, does it not?

If were to conduct a poll on which drink has more sugar, fresh juice or a soft drink, most people vote for the soda. But actually, juice has just as much sugar as soda –and sometimes, even more.

While drinking juice may be healthier since fresh juice certainly has lots of vitamins and antioxidants, it’s not a free pass to drink the stuff around the clock. The amount of sugar that’s found in juice means that it’s not healthy to consume too much. Excessive sugar can lead to health issues and weight problems, and the acid in most juice means that drinking too much can also be damaging to your teeth.

To put things in perspective, here’s something you may not know. To make 16oz of apple juice, you would need approximately two pounds of apples. Not only would you have 96 grams of sugar in your juice, you would have consumed those two pounds of apples –yikes! For comparison, one can of cola has 39 grams of sugar. While fruit may be the healthier option, you still need to keep in mind the amount of sugar that’s in the drink.

This doesn’t mean that you should give up fruit, or throw out your juicer; it just means that it’s important to keep things in perspective. Here are a few tips to help you juice –the smart way.

Add Veggies to Your Juice
Juicing veggies and leafy greens can be a great way to reduce the sugar content of your juice, while at the same time upping the nutrition. Tossing a handful of spinach, some carrots, or celery can make a great addition to your juice, reducing the sugar.

Choose a Better Juicer
Another way to get more from your juice is buying a juicer that includes the skins of the fruit in your juice. Since most of the nutrients and fiber are found in the skins or pulp of the fruit, a simple juicer won’t give you all that goodness, but will instead squeeze out the juice and throw out the rest. To get the most from your juice, consider splashing out on a more expensive juicer that will help you to make healthier drinks.

Drink Within Moderation
Finally, if you do decide to drink purely squeezed juice, or you simply enjoy the taste, be sure to drink within moderation. Keep in mind the sugar content, and choose your portion sizes accordingly.

In moderation, juicing can be a great way to enjoy healthy and nutritious drinks, just keep in mind the sugar content, and remember that in most cases, enjoying your fruit whole –skin and all, is one of the very best ways to ensure that you get all of the nutrients and fiber.

Do you juice?


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