How to Train like a World Cup Champ


He wears number 7, can run for hours at a time and is regarded as perhaps the best soccer player in the world. He is Cristiano Ronaldo and even though his home country of Portugal is out of the tournament he still has our vote for best body in the tournament. Here’s how you can get fit like Ronaldo.

With the World Cup captivating audiences across the globe, everyone seems to appreciate the athleticism, fancy footwork and impressive physiques on display. But how do they get this chiseled physique? We’ve got the run down on how Cristiano Ronaldo gets ready to play on the worlds biggest stage and how you can look like a world cup champ too.
Cristiano Ronaldo

Here’s a quick look at what he does to get ready to play, complete with some tips on how you can add the best parts of his workout to your own routine:

Three or four hours a day. That’s how much time Ronaldo, who’s nickname is CR7, dedicates to training each and every day, according to a website that monitors the soccer star and his workout routines. But don’t worry, you don’t need to put in that much time. The Centers for Disease Control says adults need 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity every week. That’s about 20 minutes a day and that will keep you in OK shape.

To get in really good shape? Put in an hour a day of vigorous-intensity aerobic exercise and you’ll see great results.

Running, sprinting and muscle-specific drills on the weights. These activities make up the majority of CR7’s workout. According to a website that has done extensive research on his workout, he runs for 25 to 30 minutes. Then he does some high-intensity, “explosive” sprinting drills. Then he moves on to gym exercises that develop specific muscles (like those abs).

For you? Try hitting the weights for 30 minutes before putting in another 30 of cardio. Break your weight training into days—day one: shoulders; day two: chest and triceps; day three: back and biceps; day four: legs. This will help keep you motivated and give you results.

Let’s talk abs. In addition to being the best soccer player on the planet, Ronaldo is known for his six-pack abs (he’s been known to rip off his jersey after scoring a goal). You want them? Then you’re going to have to work for them.

He got those abs by working his stomach fat off—literally. He does planks. He does renegade rows. It’s been reported that he does 3,000 sit-ups every day. Every. Day.

You can start to see abs like CR7 by mixing in a few ab exercises at the end of your workouts. Try starting with a long plank to really get those bad boys burnin’.

He also eats right. Remember, if you want your abs to show through, you’ve got to get rid of the fat—and all the sit-ups in the world won’t do that. Burning the fat comes down to eating right. Ronaldo eats about six small, healthy, balanced meals a day. This helps boost his metabolism, which keeps him burning fat.

Are you ready to get started and get that perfect body? Now’s the perfect time. All you have to do for inspiration is turn on the World Cup!

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