How to Win at Fitness in 2015


The fresh feeling of the new year might be wearing off… including your motivation to stick with that new healthy eating or gym routine. Stay on your path to ridiculously awesome with these 5 easy fitness hacks for 2015 (in adorable animal GIF form!)

Workout with a Pal

Enlist your neighbor or cubicle-mate for a weekly workout date. Not only will you create accountability for each other, it’s a fun way to spend time with a busy friend or family member!

Walrus Crunches

Dive into Something New

Shake up your routine with a new class or activity. It’s easy to put off something you’re not excited about attending, so grab that workout buddy from tip #1 and head out to that dance aerobics class!

Corgi Goes Swimming

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Stretch it Out

Your muscles are going to need a little TLC with all your new activities. Take a cue from our furry friend below and stretch it out! Build a 5 minute warm up and cool down into your exercise routine to keep those muscles happy and injury-free.

bunny does downward dog

Join a Team

This is taking working out with a friend to a whole new level. Joining a municipal or gym team sport is a fun way to meet new people and play your favorite gym-class or high school sport again! (We’re guessing these penguins are on a track team!)

Penguin Team

Take a Break

The biggest mistake made by both rookie and experienced exercisers alike is working too hard. Give your body the rest it deserves to maintain a healthy balance. Can’t skip the gym? Go for a less strenuous activity like yoga or a low-impact swimming session.

Kitty Resting on Couch

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