Is Social Dieting The Future?


Social Dieting challenges the previously conceived notions of what causes people to be overweight. Using the findings of new scientific research, this movement takes a look at the social component of weight gain as the root cause rather than a personal failure of responsibility.

What is Social Dieting?
The premise of social dieting is that our weight is actually influenced by the people around us. The way that others eat, exercise and live their lives can actually have an impact on our decisions and what pushes to eat one thing over another. As a growing nation (in both population and waist size) it would seem that we’ve adjusted our personal thinking of what’s normal for a portion sizes, fitness levels, etc. You see this at almost every drive-through burger joint. Think about what a small sized combo meal looked like 10 years ago to now.

Where does social dieting come into all of this? Social dieting is an attempt to reverse the trend of following the crowd towards unhealthy decisions. In its most basic form social dieting can be explained like this: If you want to lose weight and your spouse wants to lose weight then why not work together to achieve your goals? If you got all your family and friends connected together (via social media – hence the social part of social dieting) to help motivate and encourage each other think how much easier losing weight and living healthy would be!

Dr. Nicholas Christakis, MD, Ph.D. at Harvard Medical School has made the point that much like a cute puppy video, positive health behaviors might be able to spread just as easily. “People are connected, and so their health is connected.” This is why social dieting is, well, social!

How can you start social dieting?
We’ve partnered with DietBet, one of the leading social dieting platforms that has already made a difference in their followers health (and wallet!). DietBet harnesses the power of social media to help their community push and encourage each other to reach their goals. That’s not all they do though. DietBet also uses the incentive of a financial reward to help motivate people to lose weight together.


Every DietBetter puts their ante into the pot for their challenge (along with hundreds/thousands of others!). Those who lose the allotted amount of bodyweight during the challenge period split the pot! Some people win thousands of dollars just for getting healthier! All while being a part of a supportive community of others working towards the same goal!

Bulu Box is happy to announce our first DietBet game! We’re adding a little extra incentive to the pot as well. For every dollar participants put in we’ll match up to $1,000! That’s an extra grand for the winners to split on top of their normal winnings! You can see the details of our DietBet game here.

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