Keeping Your Summer Body For Your Fall Weddings


Don’t let your stomach start to fill like your calendar with all of the upcoming fall weddings. Here are a few tips to prevent yo-yo dieting and maintain your dress ready figure.
Set Realistic Goals
Just because you’ve made it through the summer looking hotter than ever doesn’t mean your goals should end with the warm weather. Consistently setting new goals can help maintain the healthy lifestyle you’ve created in the summer and help you look hot all year round ;). In fact, people who set achievable short-term goals are more likely to achieve those goals then those who set one lofty goal. So, try thinking: “Lose 4 pounds by Chris and Jenn’s wedding,” instead of “Lose 50 lb by New Years.”

Try A Detox
A detox is a great way to cleanse your body between weddings. It can help cleanse your liver, colon and kidneys, giving you whole body health. A true detox focuses on eating or drinking certain types of “detoxifying” foods that keep your system running smoothly while providing your body with the right nutrients. This can help kick the heavy wedding cake out of your system and get your body back on track.

Looking for a solid detox plan online can be like finding the right gift that’s off the registry. They often are incomplete or just not right for you. Body 360 offers a comprehensive 14-day burn and detox plan for free with every purchase of Burn 360. Losing weight doesn’t have to be loads of research, so let Body 360 do the work for you.

Control Your Sweet Tooth (or Teeth). 
Unfortunately, you can’t just pull out your sweet tooth (or teeth). When that candy craving hits your sweet tooth takes over. Thankfully, there is a way to trick that sucker. Try choosing the fruits off of that dessert tray instead candy. Making the choice to choose natural fruits over candy can be a clutch move. Fruits have natural sugars to help keep you from nomming down on wedding cake or after dinner mints. Fruits are also full of fiber and other nutrients to give you a healthy boost with your sweet satiation.

Work in some Superfruits for an extra boost of sweet health. These fruits include Acai berries, Pomegranates and Baobab fruit. These fruits are extremely high in anti-oxidants that can help kill free radicals that cause age damage to our skin. Don’t have time to break open a pomegranate? No problem. There are many great drinks, snacks and delicious chews out there to help you get your mega dose of antioxidants. Powbab Superfruit chews contain Baobab, a Superfruit with as much calcium as milk, high amounts of anti-antioxidants, potassium and 6 times the Vitamin C of an orange! Chew one before you hit the dance floor and cure the candy cravings.

Travel Smart
Hitting those out of town weddings can be a great way to catch up with old friends and show off your new body. But, it’s also a trap of high fat foods and gross airport pizza. While traveling it’s easy to give in to Gate G fast food. But listen to what you’re body is actually craving. Energy? Satiation? Protein? Don’t give into those cold hamburgers and soggy fries just because your body is craving a little protein. Try packing some travel friendly snacks ahead of time. Pocket Protein is a great, travel friendly 2 oz. packet of delicious protein that can silence those tummy rumbles and help continuously build lean muscle on the go.

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