Many Faces of Being Healthy and Happy

A few months ago, Maria Kang posted this picture with the caption “What’s your excuse?” to show that living a healthy lifestyle takes time and dedication.


“While my intention was never to ask “What’s your Excuse…..for every mother not to look like me,” many perceived it that way – and while I was surprised, I wasn’t shocked by the backlash. I’m not re-hashing this controversy to stir up support, I am revisiting this question because I decided to utilize my online influence to inspire others to take control of their health.”

Recently, Taryn Brumfitt posted this blog article in response to Maria Kang’s photo.


“I AM a health advocate. I run, I lift weights, I eat healthily but I also have a cookie with my soy latte and knock back the odd burger or yiros when I feel like it. It’s called balance. And whilst I am getting on my soap box (I’ll just be here for another minute) health is not dictated by your looks. Health is physical, emotional and spiritual and so much more that is not visible and not always obvious to others.”

Read more on Taryn’s thoughts about health and how she went from competing in a sports figure competition to living a healthy life with her kids:

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