Meal Prep for Success

Whether you’re a working parent, a full-time student, or just someone looking to plan ahead, meal prepping can help save you time and money. Setting aside a few hours before the week begins to plan out your meals may mean no more impulse fast-food lunches.

We all know the feeling when 11:30 a.m. rolls around, your stomach starts to growl, and it dawns on you that you didn’t pack a lunch. You’re forced to make a quick decision on what to pick-up, and by this point, your selection is likely determined by your hungry tummy. Planning and preparing a few breakfast, lunch, and dinner options each week allows you to stay on track with your budget and avoid poor unhealthy decisions

What You Need
Before you begin, you’ll need to make a plan. Whether you’re prepping every meal or just a few, start by creating a plan that can be transformed into a one-stop shopping list. Next, you’ll need a means of cooking these meals. Crockpots and steamers are great options, as well as ovens and grills. Finally, you’ll need a way to store the food. We recommend a variety of Tupperware– all different shapes and sizes– as well as Ziplock bags.

The Process
Set aside time on Sunday night, or whenever works best for you, to get to the store and begin cooking. Once you’ve crossed everything off of your grocery list, separate the items based on which meal they belong to. Look at your plan and first cook the items that will take the longest (unless you plan to throw it all into one crockpot!) After everything is finished, separate the meals into containers and label each so you don’t accidentally bring pork chops for breakfast! 

There are millions of menus out there for meal prepping, but it’s important to choose foods that work best for you. Keeping a variety is key so you’re not tired of the lunch option when Friday rolls around. Here are a few of our favorite recipes that are quick, easy, and delicious!

Breakfast: Mini Frittata
source: Oh Sweet Day

Crack a few eggs and toss in your favorite veggies to make the cutest mini breakfast frittatas. Leave your stress behind by grabbing a few of these on your way out the door!

Lunch: Carnitas Burrito Bowls
source: Fit Foodie Finds

These DIY burrito bowls look just as good as they taste. Bring along a tortilla or two to enjoy with this healthy lunch option!

Dinner: Chicken Taco Soup
source: Fit Foodie Finds

Perfect for all seasons, this yummy taco soup calls for only 5-7 ingredients. Toss them into your slow cooker and before you know it you’ll have dinner ready for the week.

Make your weekly meals stress-free by planning ahead and separating into containers that are easy to grab on your way out the door! What are your favorite meal-prep recipes?


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