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Who doesn’t want their stomach to be a little bit flatter especially for those vacations down to the beach this holiday season? As the saying goes, “Abs are made in the kitchen,” so keep doing planks and crunches but don’t forget the #1 way to a slimmer tummy is the food you eat. For those of us who want those flatter abs to flaunt around, we’ve compiled a list of foods and supplements that will help you get a flatter tummy.


Eat five to six mini meals that contain foods that have an emphasis on protein and fiber.  These following “power foods” contain healthy proteins and slow burning carbs that keep the muscle mass you have and accelerates your fat loss.

  1. Eggs – These protein packed orbs have the perfect balance of essential amino acids that help build your muscles and when eaten for breakfast, has the power to keep your hunger pangs down for the remainder of your day (which results in less snacking!)
  2. Yogurt– This yummy calcium rich snack has those beneficial probiotics that keep your digestive system healthy. And when your digestive system is healthy, you have less gas and bloating, which helps keep your tummy looking oh-so flat.
  3. Almonds– Just a handful of these lean nuts will give you a lean 160 calories of essential protein, fiber and vitamin E that will help keep you full during those nerve racking snack times in the afternoon.
  4. Soup – Good news soup lovahs, eating a broth based, low sodium soup once or twice a day will help maintain your weight and even help you lose weight. Throw some vegetables and lean meat in and you have a “power food” soup that you can enjoy.
  5. Quinoa– This rising star in the nutrition community has good reason for its recent fame. With 5 grams of fiber and 11 grams of protein in every half cup, this should become a staple to your diet.


There are a lot of factors that can prevent you from getting those lean flat abs. Even if you eat the right foods, your genetics, your body shape and your activity level all have affect on how flat your abs can become. Aim to get daily exercise, even if it’s just going for a twenty-minute walk during your lunch break. You’d be amazed at what it will do!

Need a little extra help to get those sought after flat abs? Try some of these Uh-mazing supplements that we The Bulu Crew personally love!

  1. SafSlim– Is the first clinically researched solution to reducing belly fat!  The main ingredient in this yummy liquid is safflower oil and can be added to shakes, cold beverages or even yogurt.
  2. Lean180– With its very affective digestive cleansing properties, it not only keeps your tummy flat, but also curbs your appetite so you don’t snack recklessly throughout the day.




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