Our 5 Fave Products - February 2019

Our 5 Fave Products - February 2019

In this blog post, we break down our 5 favorite products from this month’s Bulu Box. Even though we know the products that are going to be in each month’s box beforehand, it’s still exciting to open up our Bulu Boxes. This month, we hope you find a new favorite product too!

Una Biologicas - Muscle Rub

This winter has been frigid and snowy. We’ve had enough shoveling, slips, and pesky winter aches to last us a lifetime. Una Biologicas has turned our winter frown upside down. Their convenient tube of Muscle Rub has been a lifesaver during this seemingly neverending winter. The best part is, there is no overpowering scent, and the muscle rub helps alleviate aches and pains after scooping the driveway.

Smith Bros Cough Drops

On the same winter note, Smith Bros Cough Drops are floating around our office like crazy. It seems like every day someone new has a sore throat or cough. We’ve had so many cough drops lately, we should just leave them out in a bowl like candy. They do a great job of soothing an irritated throat while tasting like a treat. Plus, there’s a fascinating history behind the Smith Bros story!


Sometimes after a fun-filled weekend, coming in on Monday seems like a daunting task. OverEZ is a 100% all-natural supplement that prevents hangovers. These supplements have enzymes that neutralize the effects of alcohol making the day after drinking a breeze. Our productivity levels have been at an all-time high!

Carb Killa

Imagine this; you’re sitting in the office at your desk. You’ve already had lunch, but it didn’t seem to do the trick. Your stomach is asking you to go on a snacking a rampage. You still have 2 hours left of work, and you don’t know if you can last. We have ALL been there! Thankfully, Carb Killa has your back. These bars are packed with protein (23g to be exact), but lack an excessive amount of carbs and sugars. They taste like a post-lunch dessert because there isn’t a chalky protein aftertaste. Give your body the fuel it needs to power through even the busiest of work days.

Cover Three

Finally, one of the coolest products we had to add to our favorites is Cover Three. We didn’t know there was a doctor-formulated way to protect your brain from injury until Cover Three. It’s a squeezable snack for any age that is filled with Neuroprotectants which help heal brain trauma. Cover Three tastes just like an orange, which makes it a perfect break snack any time of the day. Cover Three taught us about the importance of brain health, which seems to get pushed to the side in the world of vitamins and supplements.

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