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Spring time (along with the fall) is the perfect season to train and prepare for that half or even full marathon goal that you’ve had in the back of your mind. We all know the importance of running during the week and logging miles, but training also includes building your nutrition and mental ability to cross that finish line.

Many members of the Bulu Crew have taken on the goal to complete a half or full marathon this May! While we aren’t experts by any means, we thought we’d share our tips, stories and training experiences.

What is your main goal in running a half marathon/full marathon?

BuluCrew__0007_kateKate– I would like to finish my first half marathon in 2 hours. I had initially started out just wanting to finish at all. But after building my confidence through training, I am pushing myself to hit a higher goal. It’s also part of my weight loss plan for my wedding which is 3 weeks after the marathon!

BuluCrew__0005_steezySteezy– I want to run a full marathon to basically prove to myself that I can do it! Running is also fun and strangely addicting, I’ve been running here and there for a few years now, but I really want to push myself this time and hit goals I never imagined achieving :)

BuluCrew__0003_baileighBaileigh– My goal for my first half marathon is to just finish. I have never run this far before and I think it would be a mistake to put too many expectations on it. I’m using training to help me become healthier and maintain a more active lifestyle.

BuluCrew__0008_kelseyKelsey – My motivation for completing a half marathon is my dad. My dad passed away of a heart attack at the age of 37 and now that I have a 2 year old son, I want to make sure I live a healthy lifestyle for him. Completing a half marathon in his memory is a big step for me to live a healthier and happier lifestyle

BuluCrew__0001_stephanieStephanie– When I sign up for any half marathon or full marathon my goal is always simply to finish. I never used to enjoy running because I always put pressure on myself to run faster. Once I removed the pressure to maintain a 8-minute pace I learned to love running.

BuluCrew__0014_RenaRena–  I have run almost my entire life and have completed many different kinds of races and half-marathons, however, I have never trained for or completed a full marathon.  I needed a new challenge and also have the goal of completing a Half IronMan either later this year or next year, so I would like a full marathon under my belt for training purposes.

No matter what your goal is, it’s important that you prepare by training weeks in advance. Logging shorter runs during the week and longer runs on the weekends can prepare your 2-3 hours of glycogen storage for race day.

Pro Tip: “Start with your head, end with your heart.” Starting out slower and then speeding up the second half of the race will make sure you don’t burn all your energy at the beginning.

How do you prepare for a run?

BuluCrew__0007_kateKate- My favorite thing to take before a run is DILATE. I take four capsules and eat a piece of whole grain toast with peanut butter and honey from my future in-laws’ hives. I got to help harvest the honey this year!

BuluCrew__0008_kelseyKelsey– I love taking Quick Fire with ANS HIT or DILATE before a run. The combination keeps me focused throughout the longer runs and wakes me up if we are running early in the morning or at the end of the workday. If it’s a really crazy exhausting day, I’ll take a Black Label Red Stinger to give me an extra boost ;)

BuluCrew__0001_stephanieStephanie- I just discovered an awesome, all-natural,pre-workout at Expo West from Gnarly Nutrition. I’ve used it a couple times for a little get-up-and-go before I head out for a long run. During my runs I love Chomps from Gu. I’m also obsessed with Power Ice as a post-run recovery drink, except, it’s not really a drink, it’s frozen so you eat it like a popsicle! It’s the BEST after a long run on a warm day.

BuluCrew__0014_RenaRena- I don’t routinely use a pre-workout supplement before a run, however, I have used Athlete Octane before my long endurance workouts in the past and feel it helps keep me going longer.  From this month’s Bulu Box, I received Quick Fire and QSpeed and used both of those – the Quick Fire before my tempo run earlier this week, which seemed to help me with my intensity, and the QSpeed I used before my last long run and I felt focused and my run felt great. Other than that, I make sure I fuel at least an hour before with healthy, whole grain carbs, natural sugar, and a small amount of healthy fat and protein. If my workout or run is later in the day, I’ll eat a banana with a nut butter as a snack – with enough time for it to digest (side-aches are the worst!)

Like Rena said, it is important to eat a light snack that is easily digestible before going on a long run like a half marathon or full marathon. It’s also a good rule of thumb to add 100 calories of carbohydrates per mile to keep you going through your entire run.

How do you keep hydrated during training?

BuluCrew__0005_steezySteezy- I try to hydrate as much as I can before a run, sometimes I’ll take FitMixer Amino to help keep me keep hydrated during the run. Or if it’s a really long run I’ll use a water bottle belt that also carries Clif Shot Blocks in case I get hungry along the way ;)

BuluCrew__0003_baileighBaileigh- I have a water bottle at work that I keep on my desk and I try to keep it filled all the time. I also am in love with FitMixer, and that just makes it so much easier to drink my water!

BuluCrew__0014_RenaRena- I’m a pretty simplistic runner – as in, I can’t stand anything extra on me – so I don’t use a belt or carry a bottle.  So far, during these cold months and where I’m at with my distances, I’ve been fine going without any extra hydration or fuel. However, I know with my distances increasing and the weather turning warmer (hopefully), I’ll need something more.  When training for triathlons, I’ve used and prefer Clif Bar Shot Blocks for refueling. As for hydration, I may have to break down and carry a hand-held water bottle like REI’s FuelBelt Sprint Handheld Water Bottle for my training, but during the race I just use the stations they provide – fueling every 45 minutes or so is sufficient for me.

What is your recovery routine after a long run?

BuluCrew__0007_kateKate- If I come in from a cold weather run, I love CLICK Espresso Protein. But I have started using NeoCell Collagen Sport to help support my joints. I stretch and take a cold shower to help me cool down.

BuluCrew__0005_steezySteezy- Stretch, stretch, stretch! It’s SO important! I recently just got into foam rolling as well! Also, listen to your body, I’ve had to sit a couple runs out because of my ankle and I didn’t want to, but sometimes ya just gotta ice and rest to prevent serious injuries.

BuluCrew__0014_RenaRena- Absolutely stretching! Whenever I have told myself “I’ll do it later, I don’t have time now,” I’ve ended up injured later on with either tight hip flexors, hamstrings, calves, or IT bands.  So, I try to get a good session of static stretching in after my runs and use a roller for my hips and IT band. I also have tried to get into a routine of icing down my legs with cold water baths with epsom salt or even just using a hose with cold water when it’s hot outside.  I haven’t been very good with ice baths during these cold months though!

How do you stay motivated?

BuluCrew__0007_kateKate The Nike+ Running App helps me stay accountable and motivated. I love hearing cheers from my friends on Facebook. My grandma always comments on my Saturday morning runs. My power song is “Good Feelin'” by Flo Rida. That song is filled with positive affirmations. My coworkers are a great support system. They convinced me to run the half and helped me see my potential.

BuluCrew__0001_stephanieStephanie Signing up for a race, especially if friends sign up, is a fail-proof way to keep motivated. You already signed up so you have a goal to work toward. And you’re friends are signed up so you can’t let them down ;)

BuluCrew__0005_steezySteezy I definitely get about 95% motivation from the rest of the Bulu Crew running! It’s so much fun to take on the miles with your friends. The other 5% of my motivation is music! By the way, have you checked out Bulu Box’s Workout Playlist on Spotify? It’s pretty rad.

BuluCrew__0003_baileighBaileigh Running with the rest of the Bulu Crew is really the best motivation. I see them almost everyday so I’m held accountable for everything. I also have to have upbeat music playing during my runs, music always keeps me going when I feel like quitting!

BuluCrew__0008_kelseyKelsey Working in an environment where it is encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle is pretty awesome. When my coworkers offer to go on a short 3-4 mile run after work or at lunch, it takes the “work” out of training and makes it a fun activity I look forward to during my day.

BuluCrew__0014_RenaRena My training schedule keeps me on track and holds me accountable – I physically write down my goal mileage and then my actual mileage in a running journal, as recording it within apps doesn’t work for me as well. As for motivation, music is a big motivator for me and I use it as a “treat” for my ears. For example, if I recently purchase new music, I won’t let myself listen to it except on my run, so my excitement for hearing the new tunes comes with my run.  The other motivator for me, when music is not enough, is seeing or thinking of motivating quotes.  The two that keep me going when I don’t feel that I have the motivation myself is “You never regret a finished run, but regret a run that you never started,” and with my competitive side I remind myself “If you’re not doing it, someone else will,” which motivates me to get out and train to be faster and stronger.  If I’m really really lacking motivation, then I listen to my body and tell myself it is okay to rest a day, and I’ll get back out tomorrow – if you continue to push push push and it’s not enjoyable, you’ll end up burning yourself out.


KATE Director of Brand Relationships Peek inside the top right drawer of Kate’s vanity, and you’ll see she is no stranger to sampling. You’ll find packets of moisturizer, little vials of perfume and mini lipsticks. She loves discovering new products and having a chance to try them out. It was this passion for sampling that started the conversation with Paul and Stephanie about becoming Bulu Box’s first employee. Prior to Bulu Box, Kate held a variety of positions as a Sales Representative for Sandhills Publishing, freelance videographer for several political candidates and organizations and most recently as a Clinique Business Manager. In less than six months, she developed a struggling Clinique counter into one of the best for the retailer. Her team was recognized as a Galaxy of the Stars counter by Clinique and won the majority market share for the area.

In her free time, Kate loves trying new workouts and pushing herself to do things she never thought she’d enjoy, like running. She is learning to love running because it allows her to enjoy more of her favorite food, cheese.

STEEZY Community Outreach Manager Stephanie graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Go Big Red!) with a Bachelor Degree in Journalism focusing on Advertising and PR. At Bulu Box, we call her “Steezy” because she likes to think she’s a rapper. Steezy is a Bulu Box social media intern turned Community Outreach Manager. When she’s not blogging, pinning, tweeting, rapping, facebooking, or networking with fellow Bulugans, Steezy is running, shopping, and enjoying life!

BAILEIGH Online Marketing Manager Baileigh started at Bulu Box as a social media intern, but is now working full-time as a Marketing Associate. She graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, with degrees in Business Administration and Spanish.

Baileigh comes from a family of marathon runners, and is currently training for a half marathon in May 2013. She can’t survive a day without taking FRS Energy Chews to wake her up in the morning. Her favorite way to relax from a stressful day is a good book, or any Sci-Fi show on the BBC (she’d give up everything to go time traveling with the Doctor).

KELSEY Social Media Strategist | Customer Relations Kelsey started at Bulu Box as a social media intern and instantly fell in love with the Bulugan lifestyle which is just one of the reasons they snagged her up as a full-time Social Media Strategist and Customer Relations specialist. Kelsey graduated from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln with a Bachelor Degree of Journalism focusing on Advertising and PR.

When Kelsey is not answering emails, Facebook stalking, pinning or tweeting, she is training for her first half marathon, eating crab legs, busting out random dance moves, and raising her awesome son, Kenneth Jude (a.k.a. “The Jude Dude”).

STEPHANIE Co-Founder / Chief Marketing Officer With one hand strategizing big ad campaigns for successful brands like Jergens and Curel and the other hand sketching interactive design for brands like LeapFrog and TD Ameritrade, Stephanie made a name for herself as a multi-tasking master who oozes creativity and success. Stephanie built her portfolio as an Art Director and Interactive Designer for big brands like LeapFrog, TD Ameritrade and Complete Nutrition. Her varied marketing background, management ability, killer creativity, and online/offline skillset propelled her into the startup world.

Stephanie <3’s traveling, experimenting with new recipes and trying to convince her husband to run full marathons with her.

BuluCrew__0014_RenaRENA Charge Up Health and Fitness Rena is a Certified Health Coach and Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and owner of Charge Up Health and Fitness, LLC.  She works with individuals and group clients as a health and fitness coach to offer support and guidance for their health goals through a holistic look at their lives, helping to find balance between exercise, diet, career, and relationships.

Providing accountability and motivation, she can help reduce stress, increase energy and self-confidence, and ultimately help individuals work towards the best version of them.




Your Turn: Do you have any tips or tricks for training for a half or full marathon?




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