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Q&A Charlotte Dodson

Q&A With Charlotte Dodson - Celebrity Yoga Instructor | Bulu Box - sample superior vitamins and supplements

BULU: What inspired you to take up yoga?
Charlotte: Yoga actually found me -it was a blessing that arrived at my doorstep in painful disguise! After breaking my arm surfing, yoga became my healing practice. I discovered my love for the practice when I gradually realized that it was far deeper than a physical form of exercise and rehabilitation – it actually changed my life on a profoundly-deep and positive level, and its benefits continue to shape every moment of my everyday existence. My passion and inspired commitment for the practice of yoga will stay with me for life.

BULU: How does yoga help your everyday life?
Charlotte: Yoga is my tool to strengthen my mind-body-spirit.
It has allowed me to access openness and grace in my daily journey, and accept life with all its challenges, one breath at a time. It’s taught me to trust this path I am on, and how trust guides us along the way. It’s given me self-awareness, confidence, a sense of light-heartedness, and a strong, flexible and toned body!!

BULU: You’ve just launched an online Yoga TV Network. Can you tell us more about this exciting venture and why you’ve entered the USA market?
My aim is to spread the word of positivity to the masses -which is why I’ve opened up the doors of my exclusive practice and invite everyone from around the world, including the USA, to join in with my scheduled yoga TV sessions -an interactive, in-depth learning experience. I provide step-by-step ‘real-time’ communication and commentary via live chat and live tips. If you miss a scheduled class, Yoga-on-demand options are available and as separate downloads for you to practice any class in your own time. Please visit my network – to pose-and-flow your way into looking and feeling ‘star’-shaped! Soon, you’ll also have the chance to see some of my favorite celebrity clients come onto the set and roll out a mat!

BULU: You teach Miranda Kerr (and Orlando Bloom), Phoebe Tonkin and various other celebrities. With so many yoga instructors around the world, what do you believe sets you apart?
I’ve found that my style and energy seem to resonate with what they are seeking in an instructor and guide. In some cases, it perhaps leans more towards the spiritual dimension I bring to a session, whereas with others it’s a case of feeling comfortable with my easy-going personality. With any yoga teacher and style, it’s a personal choice — I’m very blessed to have such high-profile clients endorse my approach to yoga instruction!


“With yoga, I believe it’s really important to know who you have as a teacher. To me, Charlotte is the best her energy is really grounding and nurturing. It has become a part of my life”. –Miranda Kerr


BULU: For someone looking to achieve a physique like supermodel Miranda’s, how would they have to dedicate themselves to practicing yoga?
Charlotte: I’d encourage any participant wanting to look and feel their best to practice on a daily basis, whether it be for 30 minutes or an hour. This could range from a dynamic movement of several poses to “simply” sitting in meditation. Like anything in life, the more you practice something, the more you’ll reap its benefits! Yoga changes your body shape and your life for the better!

BULU: Why do you think yoga is so popular with celebrities?
Charlotte: We all need to build strength, gain flexibility, remain grounded and find balance in our journey. Practicing yoga can give everyone a time out from the challenges in life, including those who find themselves in the public eye — it’ll allow them to rest, rejuvenate and “be” with themselves.

BULU: What you do when you’re feeling unmotivated?
Charlotte: The key is to participate with all of your heart! Sometimes we simply show up in life and just go through the motions. I urge anyone to listen to what they are truly ‘called to do’, but especially, to remember that when they are feeling unmotivated, getting into their body – into movement – can shift the entire Being into a higher state of consciousness! Turning up for your next yoga class will get you one step closer to embodying a more energetic, enthusiastic and
life embracing you!


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