Q&A: Larysa DiDio


We caught up with Larysa DiDio, curator of the August Bulu Box and New York fitness expert, to hear her fitness secrets to staying in shape. 

First off, when did your passion for health and fitness begin?
“All the way back when I was in Elementary School! I’d set up obstacle courses for my friends and train them to get faster.”

What does your weekly fitness routine look like?
“Often times I’m training up to 13 clients a day so that alone keeps me pretty fit. But basically I run about 25 miles a week. I love trail running and hill sprints. I weight train heavy, twice a week and do a combo body weight/plyo program once a week, and I do one of the Strogation programs, almost daily.”

Tell us more about Strogation, how did you come up with that style of workout?
“I’m a fitness expert who specializes in strength training. I know I should do yoga, but the current practices either left me feeling bad about my lack of flexibility, bored and/or unfulfilled because they didn’t address my sport specific issues. I wanted to create a program that was efficient and effective in helping me to balance my body, calm my mind and help with my daily aches and pains. It had to give me the benefits of yoga and more.”

What’s in your gym bag?
“Oh boy. It’s not very organized. 2 half eaten granola bars, coconut water, Athleta tank and 3/4 pants, tweezers, Strivectin eye moisturizer, Cover Girl mascara, Kiehls lip gloss, daily journal, 3 fitness magazines.”

What vitamins and supplements are your must-haves?
“I don’t take a whole lot of supplements but rely on the following: a probiotic, Vitamin D, Fish Oil and liquid pediatric iron.”

What’s in your lunch box?
“I get up at 4:30 so lunch time is about 10am! I’m always on the run in NY so a spicy tuna roll from Dean and Deluca is pretty standard as is egg white salad on gluten free bread, Yura’s arugula and barley salad or I may jump into Bloomies and grab frozen yogurt with carob (shhhh).”

What’s your healthy go-to snack?
“I LOVE cheese. String cheese, muenster cheese, cheddar cheese. I’m not picky. I also love kale chips, lemon Greek yogurt, dates and apples.”

In your opinion, what’s the one healthy habit that makes the biggest difference?
“Sleeping 7-8 hours a night. It’s nearly impossible to lose weight and get healthy if you constantly rely on less.”

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