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Q&A With About Time Protein Founder Sean Marszalek

What did you do before creating About Time protein? 
I was a Fitness and Nutrition Consultant.

What motivated you to create About Time protein? 
I was unhappy with the products on the market that were available to recommend to my clients.

What makes About Time different from other proteins? 
We have taken the best qualities of many brands and combined them into one product. Top quality, all natural isolate that tastes great (gluten and lactose free).

Who should use About Time Protein? (Seniors, athletes, teens, women,…) 
That’s just it, About Time was created for EVERYONE. Anyone wanting a natural superior protein that tastes great without fillers or artificial ingredients.

In your opinion, why is protein so important to everyday health? How can it help you reach your fitness goals? 
Protein provides many benefits from helping tone muscles, aids in weight management and immune health. Protein raises glucagon levels which tells your body to burn fat for fuel and it also repairs muscles after exercise to help sculpt and tone. Short answer, we asked our customers. Chocolate and Vanilla are always top sellers but with 11 flavors to choose from there is a flavor for everyone.

What is your favorite flavor? Why?
I personally drink most of the flavors but my favorite lately has been the Mocha Mint. It tastes amazing even in water.

Singer Katharine McPhee recently stated that she likes to mix her protein shake with chocolate About Time protein, ½ banana, 2 tsps of peanut butter, & ½ cup of soy milk. What’s your favorite way to mix your protein drink? 
Birthday Cake with almond milk and blueberries. It tastes like blueberry muffin batter.

About Time Founder Sean Marszalek | Bulu Box - sample superior vitamins and supplements What other products does About Time offer? 
We offer a Superfruits antioxidant powder with 25 different pesticide free fruit powders, meal replacement bars and the newest product about to be released is our gluten free whey protein granola clusters.

Aside from protein, what other vitamins or supplement products do you include in your wellness regimen?
I use our Superfruits powder and fish oil.

About Time offers many flavors of protein. How did you decide what flavors to create? 



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