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Q&A with Natalie Jill Fitness

Q&A with Natalie Jill | Bulu Box - Sample Superior Vitamins and Supplements

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Describe your weekly diet & fitness routine

As far as diet I am very consistent. I do not have an on and off season. I eat primarily natural, organic, unprocessed foods the majority of the time. I follow the 10,000 year ago rule. If it was on the planet 10,000 years ago I eat it! I am also a CELIAC which you can read more about here, which means gluten is 100% off limits. As far as my fitness routine I am a firm believer in PROGRESSION. You have to constantly progress and push yourself to keep improving and stay functional. My current fitness routine closely resembles what I have laid out on my 12 week super shred program here.

What’s in your gym bag?

Weight lifting gloves, my human trainer rings, extra tank top and socks, deodorant, business cards and lip gloss (yes I know!)

What’s in your medicine cabinet?

I am a HUGE believer in protein powders especially whey. All of the ones I currently use or recommend are here. I also use extra b vitamins, a multi vitamin, my greens which you can read more about here and BCAA’s.

What’s in your lunch box?

Always lot’s of veggies, some healthy fat (almonds are a favorite) and some protein! Typically some type of fish.

In your opinion, what’s the ONE healthy habit that makes the biggest difference?

CONSITENCY! It is what you do consistently over time that makes the difference.

What health mantras keep you motivated?

Excuses or Solutions YOU decide. That is my slogan and it basically sums up everything I believe it! I NEVER wallow in excuses and I have had plenty. Read this.

What’s your go-to healthy snack?

Either almonds and an apple with some whey protein or my favorite dales bars or some other natural bars I have discovered. You can see all of the protein bars I currently munch on here.

What vitamin or supplement do you recommend most people should consider? Why? If nothing else, GREENS and BCAA’s (see both explanations in question #3)

What advice would you give someone striving for a healthier lifestyle?

Just start and think addition not subtraction. It is very challenging to deprive yourself or rely on just will power. Instead think about all of the things you can ADD to your life to improve it! Things like: Walk more, start lifting, drink more water, eat more vegetables, eat more protein, eat more unprocessed food choices.

What’s the best health advice you ever received?

“It is no one else’s fault”  Not sure who the FIRST person was that said this to me. Maybe it was my nursery school teacher but it stuck and has become my mantra. When you accept that it is NO ONE ELSE’S FAULT you accept accountability, start looking for solutions and start accomplishing better healthy.

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