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In this part two of our exploration of smartphone apps we’re taking a look at how apps can make our lives easier and promote a healthy, active lifestyle. Here are 5 apps to help jump start some healthy habits and motivate you day in and day out!

MealSnap – $2.99
MealSnap lets you discover how many calories that chicken pad thai from your favorite restaurant really has with just a picture! By simply taking a picture of your meal on your smart phone, MealSnap will produce an estimate of the calories of the product you’re eating! Brought to you by the same company that produced the #1 health and fitness brand on the app store, DailyBurn. MealSnap is a great way to track your caloric intake at each meal! Share your finding with your friends on Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter.
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Stress Check Pro by Azumio – $1.99
Stress Check Pro utilizing your phone’s camera and software created by Biocom Technologies, a well-known developer of various professional health assessment technologies. In just two minutes, Stress Check Pro software will track your increase in heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV). From this analysis Stress Check Pro will detect your stress level at any given moment. HRV is the change in time between consecutive heartbeats. Top athletes across the globe use HRV to track their fatigue & recovery to maximize performance. This app will help you optimize your workouts and daily activities by knowing and managing your stress levels! To help keep those stress levels in check take a look at C3* for Stress. C3* for Stress uses an herb, vitamin, and mineral supplement blend to keep you *calm. cool. connected™.
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MyFitnessPal – Free
An incredibly fast and easy to use calorie counter to help you track your daily caloric intake and aid you in your weight loss goals. The MyFitnessPal database of over 2 million foods, coupled with a fast, friendly user interface, this app makes it easy to input your exercise and food entries. MyFitnessPal is the best addition to your active lifestyle to keep track of your progress and reach your health and fitness goals.
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Fitocracy – Free
Voted one of Men’s Journal’s apps of the year, Fitocracy turns exercise into a social experience! Track your workouts, earn points, unlock achievements, beat quests, and best of all, you can compete with your fitness oriented friends. Fitocracy has many facets to keep your workouts exciting and progressive. Track your entire workout on one screen with lightning speed! It’s a social media experience that helps you keep up with friends as well as your health and fitness.
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Digifit iCardio – Free
Digifit iCardio helps track heart rate, pace, and any cardio exercise by connecting to your heart rate monitor to help keep you in your target heart rate zone. Staying within this zone makes sure you’re getting the most out of your workout! Get the best out of yourself by getting to know yourself better. Tracking your personal heart rate zones, tracking your cardio exercise, daily activity, blood pressure, weight, and sleep patterns, Digifit provides a complete view of essential aspects of your health and how heart fitness plays a role. Use this to help make informed decisions on how you can become the best you!
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Your Turn: What apps have helped you achieve your health and fitness goals? Comment below with some of your favorite apps!



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