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The winner of our Bulu Box Weight Loss Success Stories contest shares her incredible weight loss success story and how she went from weighing 311 lbs to 185! Learn what kept her motivated and how she was able to achieve such an amazing goal!

Danielle’s amazing before and after photo

What helped you lose the weight initially?

The number one thing is motivation! Once I had the mindset that I was going to lose this weight, that’s what I was going to do. I cleaned up my diet and started getting some exercise. I’m eating healthy balanced meals including a lean protein, a small serving of a carbs, and lots of veggies. I snack on raw veggies with fat free dressing during the day. My main go-to snacks are baby carrots and grape tomatoes. I also use low fat, low sugar protein supplements as snacks and also as a post workout recovery drink.

What has helped you keep it off?

Not stopping! Being healthy has to become your lifestyle. Fad diets don’t work. You need to focus on being healthy. It is okay to put youself first! You are worth it!!

Eat foods you love, but find low fat, sugar free recipes, and make sure to eat balanced meals. Finding time to cook can be a major set back, especially while I have 3 children! I always set aside Sunday to cook and have meals planned for the week.

Movement and strength training is just as important as food. I make it a major priority in my life. My gym has a day care center, so I can always take the little ones with me. I am now at the gym 5 days per week getting an hour of cardio each day and strength training 3 times per week.

What has been the biggest impact your weight loss has had on your life?

I am so much more confident! I feel great in my clothes and no longer dread clothes shopping. There are also so many things I am physically able to do that I couldn’t do before.

What kept you motivated?

Seeing the initial weight loss definitely made me want to keep going. The employees at my local gym (Forum Fitness in Bayonne, NJ) are wonderful and inspiring. I enjoy taking group fitness classes there.

I also have lots of encouragement and daily compliments from my family, friends and coworkers.

What advice would you give to others just starting out?

I would suggest that you start out slow. Too many times we say we’re going to start an exercise program and workout 5 days a week, then quit because it seemed like too much too fast. When I initially started, I was only taking a Zumba class at the YMCA. In the very beginning, I was really only taking it once a week, then upped it to twice per week shortly after. I then joined the gym when I felt ready.

I would also advise you not to stop! Weight loss has ups and downs just like everything else. There are some weeks when you do everything right, and still the scale doesn’t move, or goes up a little. This is discouraging and makes u want to quit. This is the time to keep going and you will see those numbers coming down again.

Thanks Danielle for entering our contest and we’re so excited that you were able to share such an incredible story!

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