Sharpen Your Mind

Exercising your brain is an important part of being healthy. Exercising your brain can improve your memory and your focus. Try out some of these tips to keep a sharp brain! 

Diet and Exercise
A balanced diet is essential for keeping your brain sharp and focused. Foods with Omega-3s, like salmon, are especially awesome for brain function. Avoid junk food because the trans and saturated fats have a negative affect on brain activity. Studies have shown that regular exercise can help keep your mind focused throughout the day. Aerobic exercises are best for maintaining brain function. Try walking, running or dancing when your mind starts to wander!

Your brain is about 70% water. Keeping yourself hydrated is key in having a sharp mind. Try and get the recommended amount of water each day, about 9-13 cups.

Your brain uses approximately 80% of the oxygen in your body. Meditation, deep breathing and even breathing correctly can help keep your brain sharp. If you’d like to make sure that you’re breathing correctly check out this article on breathing.

Stimulate Your Brain
Everyone knows that working out your body is important, but working out your brain is just as important. Improve your memory and keep your mind focused by doing puzzles and small tricks daily. It can be something as simple as writing with your non-dominant hand or working on a crossword puzzle.

A pick-me-up might be just the thing you need to refocus your brain on those stressful days. A cup of coffee, or one of these caffeine alternatives, could be just what your brain needs. Another option is Elebra, which has ingredients to help your brain function and maintain your energy.


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