Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now? Your Sick Day Guidelines

We’ve all been there, you’re head is telling you to stay in bed while your phone is blowing up with email reminders for meetings, reports or deadlines that are due. But, when you are feeling under the weather, when is the right time to declare defeat and call in sick?

Before you head to the office sick, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

Are you going to infect people?

            Kind of a no-brainer, but if you work closely with your coworkers, young children or the elderly, you need to rethink grabbing those car keys and heading out the door. Not only will you exhaust yourself and make your illness last longer, but you will also be infecting everyone around you.

Will you honestly get anything done?

            We all know those people who want to be the team player and work as hard as you possible can, but if the medication you are taking is making you drowsy or nauseous in a way that could impair the way you do your job, you are better off staying home and spending those hours getting productively better.

Always keep in mind your businesses sick day policy. Check with your boss or HR Department to see how many sick days you have left to take or if you will get docked in pay if you stay home.

Next, you need to evaluate your symptoms:

Go to work if:

–       You have the sniffles, but no headache or fever. Grab a few tissues, some MARZ SPRAYS C-SPRAY and extra hand sanitizer just in case

–       You have poison ivy. Yes, it may be slightly uncomfortable, but you are not contagious and just keep a heavy supply of moisturizers with you.

–       You have a slight sprain or strain. If you are in a physically demanding job, go get it checked out and heal appropriately. If you can sit comfortably and work productively throughout the day, just take some extra inflammatory pain relievers with you.

Stay home if:

–       You have a stuffy nose, a cough, have a slight fever and are fatigued. This could be the first signs of a cold when it’s at its most contagious peak. Chew on some IMMUNO GUM to lessen the length of your cold and get you feeling better faster**!

–       You have cold symptoms along with a high fever and chills. Flu symptoms can come on suddenly and are highly contagious, so it’s best to just stay in bed for a day or two until the symptoms pass.

–       You have a fever along with a sore throat. This could be the first signs of strep throat, which is also highly contagious. Go see your doctor to get the appropriate tests and medication.

–       You have back pain and can’t sit or stand for long periods of time. By going to work, you may injure it further. Go get it checked out and come back to work when you feel more comfortable.

–       You have an extreme headache or migraine, especially if it comes with a fever. Try some Homeopathic Remedies – Headache to reduce the pain and stay in bed.* (Because how productive can you be with a pounding headache anyway?)

–       You can’t spend 30 minutes without going to the bathroom. Chances are you have a bug and your constant bathroom trips won’t help you be any more productive. Stay home until the food you eat, stays where it is supposed.



*Always consult with your doctor when you think you are getting sick to get the recommended medication to treat your illness.

** *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Your Turn: Have you ever gone into work when you probably shouldn’t have?





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