Stress Less with These Simple Tips


Our world moves a million miles an hour and sometimes it can seem like you’re getting lost in it’s eb and flow. Falling behind in out day to day lives cause us a lot of stress which contributes to numerous health issues including weight gain. Here are a few tips to help you simplify your day and slow the pace of your world down a bit. 

Say “Yes” Less
Overcommitment can spread you out too thin and leave you feeling stressed out. Saying yes to everything adds more obligations to your plate and begins thinning out your time. Second, when you get more spread out your performance on any given tasks may be lower. Instead, be realistic about your schedule and ability to commit to different things. You may feel bad saying no to those asking you but you’ll feel better having more time for your other obligations.

Identify Stressors
Take the time to sit down and write out all of the things that stress you out during the day. Narrow this list down to the top 10 (or 20) most stressful things in your life. Next, go through the list and decide what stressors can be eliminated. Items that are based in worry instead of actual tasks should be eliminated first.

Feeling so stressed you can’t focus on what you need to get done? Try taking a break and organizing your desk or workstation. Organizing and putting things in their place can be very soothing and a great stress reliever. Plus, now everything you need is in its proper place so no more stressing about lost or misplaced items.

Make a Plan
It’s common when we have a list of things pile up to feel too overwhelmed to even start. If taking that first step to get started seems like a leap more than a step try taking a minute and making a plan. List out all the things that you need to get done, then number them by priority. Choose the most important things first and assign different hours of the day to do those tasks then follow your schedule. You’ll feel better because you won’t get caught up jumping back and forth between projects and you’ll have your starting place.

The theory of “multitasking” is a myth. You can’t simultaneously do two things at once. Your attention can switch rapidly but this can actually slow performance on both projects and hold you back from accomplishing anything. Decide which of your tasks are most important and start there, focusing all your attention on one task at a time. This leaves less room for error and helps you finish that activity faster, making you feel more accomplished and relieving a little stress.

Take Mini-Breaks
Once you’ve made a plan and are checking things off your to-do list remember to take small breaks after you accomplish a task or if you begin to get frustrated on a task. This will keep your mind fresh and prevent you from feeling over worked.

Exercise and Eat Healthy
Stress is one of the leading causes of weight gain. Exercise and healthy eating relieves stress and removes one big area of possible concern (your health) from your list of worries. Plus, the endorphin rush you get from exercise can help give your day a boost of positivity if you’re feeling down.

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