Strogation – What You Need to Know


Larysa DiDio, Bulu Box’s August celebrity curator, is coming out with her brand new Strogation fitness program on August 15th and we couldn’t be more excited! Strogation is a one-of-a-kind program that can speed weight loss, increase flexibility, relieve stress and improve overall health. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect from Strogation.

What does “Strogation” mean?
Strogration is a combination of the words stretching, yoga and meditation. The program takes the best parts of traditional target stretching, yoga and meditation to create a program that helps you feel balanced while also helping you look your best.

Is Strogation just a relaxed yoga DVD?
Not a chance! Strogation does promote inner peace and calm but it also challenges you to push your bodies limitations with new moves and stretches that will help you burn calories and build a lean, strong physique.

So how can Strogation make me healthier, not just stronger?
The 30-minute Strogation workout doesn’t just improve your strength and flexibility, it also helps detox your body to improve circulation, regulate digestion, stimulate the lymphatic system, reduce inflammation and more! It’s pretty amazing what these exercises can do for your body’s overall balance.

Do I need to have a yoga background to do these exercises?
Nope! People of all skill levels can enjoy the strength and health benefits of Strogation. This balanced mix of target stretching, yoga and meditation is intended to help those who aren’t yogis or flexible get into a stretching routine that eases aches, increases flexibility and diffuses stress.

Okay, I’m in! Where can I get my own Strogation DVD?
Pre-order your very own Strogation DVD HERE and be one of the first to experience this awesome new fitness program when it’s released on August 15th.

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