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Sweat with Your Team via Fitful Focus

Check out this fun and active workout from Fitful Focus that you can do while you cheer on your favorite football team!

Football Sunday is a bit of a contradiction. We gather together to watch all of these amazing athletes be all, well, athletic. We cheer on their athleticism, boo when their athleticism fails them (what do you mean you couldn’t jump 200 feet in the air to catch that ball?), and all the while we’re sitting on our butts. We’re drinking beer, chowing down on wings, and being the antithesis of athletic, ourselves.

But Sunday Funday doesn’t have to undo your whole week of healthy choices. All you have to do is turn your game watching into a fun workout with this Sunday Funday Football Workout.

Sunday Funday Football Workout 3 via Fitful Focus 

The rules are simple: when one of these things happen during a game, get your athlete on with the correlating exercise.

There tend to be a lot of penalties during a game (don’t those football players know the rules?), so prepare yourself for those mountain climbers!

Whether your team wins or loses, you’ll be sure to feel the burn, and that’s a win in the long run, right? Victory!

Written by Nicole from Fitful Focus.

Nicole, a young professional living in NYC, blogs over at Back in 2012, she challenged herself to live a healthier life. Since then, she’s lost 20 pounds and completed her first marathon. Now, she’s trying to maintain that lifestyle, learn even more about health and fitness (she’s studying to becoming a certified personal trainer!), and share her adventures through her blog – all while keeping up with the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. Follow her as she explores new ways to stay FIT, keep her tummy FULL, and stay FOCUSed on leading a healthy, happy life:

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