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The Bond That Holds Us Together – Be Good to Your Joints!

It’s simple. Joints need motion to stay healthy. When you are inactive for long periods of time, like sitting at work all day, it causes the joints to stiffen and the surrounding tissue to weaken. Here are some tips to help keep your joints healthy, so you can keep movin’ and groovin’!

  • The more you move, the less stiff you’ll be. Take breaks from sitting at your desk to move around or go for a quick walk. Walking at a fast pace can increase your posture as your muscles work to keep your body upright. When you’re back at your desk, try sitting with good posture to benefit your joints from you spine to your knees.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight can keep strain off of your hip and knee joints, and with every pound you lose, you take 4 pounds of pressure off your knees. Stay active by doing joint friendly activities like swimming, bicycling and walking, and keep in mind that a small increase in muscle strength can reduce the risk of stress around your joints. However experiencing injuries can break down the cartilage on the end of joints. Protect your joints by wearing protective grear if you’re engaging in high-risk activities like roller skating or skateboarding.
  • Keep your joint’s limits in mind when you exercise. If you’re having joint pain 48 hours after an intense workout, that’s a sign to take it down a few notches the next time you hit the gym. Working through that pain can lead to injury or damage, so take it easy with those weights!
  • Taking supplements like Health Logics BioCell Collagen can strengthen cartilage, promote joint lubrication and comfort, and can even help rebuild cartilage. Extra bonus – it can promote youthful looking skin!


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