The Most Out-There Races


Take a break from your traditional 5K or 10K race and give one of these out-of-the-ordinary or extreme races a try! 

  • COFFIN RACE: This race is part of the annual Frozen Dead Guy Day festival held in Nederland, Colorado. The festivities honor Grandpa Bredo who has resided since 1993 in a Tuff Shed in the mountains above this quirky little town. Grandpa died in 1989 and currently is in a state of frozen suspended animation, maintained by a monthly delivery of 1,600 pounds of dry ice. The Coffin Race pits teams who run through town while towing a coffin, (complete with “corpse”) as they navigate mud, snow, natural and man-made obstacles and other coffins. Check out the official site here.
  • JOGGLING: This race combines jogging and juggling. Racers are required to maintain a recognized ball juggling pattern while running. If any juggled ball is dropped, the joggler must return to the point where the ball was dropped and continue from that point. There are juggling marathons and ultra marathons and recently a juggling triathlon – which combined joggling with swuggling (swimming) and buggling (bicycling). Joggling competitions are held in conjunction with World Juggling Federation events. See the official race event here.
  • IMPOSSIBLE 5K: Here is your chance to experience time travel! This race allows participants to finish before they start. Held late on the night when Daylight Savings Time officially begins, you can actually have a negative finishing time. Sign up for your time travel experience here.
  • ANTARCTIC ICE MARATHON AND 100K ULTRA-RACE: This race is held in the undisputed coldest, driest, highest and windiest place on Earth – Antarctica. But, on the bright side, it is held during their summer season where you can enjoy 24 hours of daylight and the balmy summer temperatures ranging between -10° C to -20° C. (You did notice the minus signs, didn’t you?!) And for the privilege of running for more than 13 hours in these temperatures, you will be charged a measly $16,500. See the full site here.
  • MARATHON DES SABLES: When you have defrosted from your Antarctic race, you might want to head to the Sahara Desert for this multi-day race. The MDS is run in six days and covers a course between 150 and 156 miles. The temperature will hover around 120° F as you traverse rocks and sand dunes – all while carrying your own provisions in a backpack. There is one “rest” day, and the winner receives a prize of a little less than $6,000. However, there is an entry fee of around $3,500 which does not include your equipment, travel and provisions (with blister care being a high cost item). Check out the official entry rules here.
  • THE IDIOTAROD: This event is a tongue-in-cheek variation of the famous Alaskan Iditarod dog sled race. This race, however, replaces sleds with shopping carts, dogs with people, practical winter-survival clothing for outlandish costumes, and concrete for snow. Included with this urban race is a costume contest, a talent contest, games, a bar crawl – and a very successful food drive. Get in on this fun race here.

Other races you might enjoy include:

There is a race somewhere in the world that tickles your funny-bone or appeals to your sense of the ridiculously absurd. Have fun and run swiftly and safely!

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