The New iOS 8 Will Change the Way You Stay Healthy


The new iOS 8 update Apple announced at Monday’s WWDC is loaded with amazing new features and designs but there’s one in particular that has our eye. 

A Healthy Update
iOS 8 has a core update focused on your health! Seriously! The new iOS 8 will now let your activity tracker (Jawbone, Nike+, Fitbit, etc.), heart rate monitor, and other health and fitness apps talk to each other! It then pulls all of this information into one easy-to-read dashboard app called Health. It can track your heart rate, sleep, calories burned, blood sugar, cholesterol and more! Health even lets you create an emergency card with important health information like blood type and allergies – available right from your Lock screen.

No more tapping through numerous apps, just one easy to read dashboard app with all your health and fitness logs!

But don’t wait until the update becomes available this fall to start tracking your health- check out our favorite fitness apps here and the best in fitness technology in this post.

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