The Only Dieting Mindset That Actually Works


Today’s crazy culture of yo-yo and rollercoaster dieting has left us exhausted and burnt out, disillusioned with the idea of weight loss and tempted to give up on it altogether. 

From grapefruit diets and juice fasts to the lemonade diet, there’s no shortage of miracle diets. Proponents of these diets claim that they really work – and they do… But not for long. Just ask any serial dieter.

The main problem with dieting is the mindset that says, “You can’t.” You can’t eat certain foods, and you can’t eat too much. And then, there’s the ever-present nagging voice in the back of your head telling you that some foods are “bad” and taboo.

But of course, when you tell yourself that you can’t have something, it makes you want it even more. Once a diet starts and the list of “no-touch” foods comes out, we instantly find ourselves developing out-of-this-world cravings for double bacon cheeseburgers and fries.

Fortunately, there is a better way. Instead of dwelling on what you can’t have, it’s important to focus on what you CAN. This will help free you from the drudgery of oppressive dieting and help you break the cycle of yo-yo diets once and for all.

A simple change of mindset can help you to work your way into healthy eating patterns without feeling like you’re missing out. Here are some practical pointers that can help you to break the cycle and gain freedom from food.

Make Some Swaps
Rather than focusing on things you “can’t” have, find healthy foods that you actually like eating. Just because you hate kale doesn’t automatically mean you don’t like healthy food. Embark on an adventure to discover healthy foods that you enjoy!

Don’t Be So Restrictive
If you absolutely adore pizza, or can’t fathom the idea of living without ice cream, no worries! You can still enjoy your favorite foods and lose weight. The secret of course, is moderation. So if you want to have a dish of Rocky Road, you can – even every night! Just plan for it and enjoy it. Yum!

Train Yourself
For most, eating healthy is something they do begrudgingly, but if you focus on building healthy habits, you’ll start to appreciate nutritious foods. Soon, you’ll even begin to crave them!

Upgrade Your Menu
Spruce up the ol’ menu! Try out some new recipes featuring healthy ingredients to help keep your taste buds entertained and happy (pro tip: Mediterranean food can be both healthy and delicious!). You’ll find that you can spend less time focused on those foods you can’t have and more time enjoying those that you can.

The mind is a powerful place! By trying new, healthy foods, and allowing yourself to have occasional treats, you’ll find that healthy eating is enjoyable and will no longer be confined to restrictive and exhausting diet plans! Freedom at last!

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