The Science Is In, This Is The Perfect Way To Nap


We’ve all heard a slew of varied lengths when it comes to the perfect nap time, but how much is long enough to feel rested without the grogginess? 15 minutes? 45 minutes? Or, is no nap the better bet?

Why Napping Is Great
Let’s be honest, napping feels amazing. Especially when you had a poor night of sleep the previous evening. But, napping can also help improve your mood, performance, alertness, and even help enhance your memory!

Why Napping Can Be Not So Great
We know… It sounds blasphemous, but there can be a few drawbacks to napping if you don’t do it right. These can include grogginess, worsening symptoms of insomnia and poor sleep quality. Much of these depend on napping the right amount and for the proper amount of time.

Finding The Right Time… Of Day
The first thing to think about when you’re considering your perfect nap time is the time of day you decide to rest your eyes. Napping at the wrong time of day can leave you wishing you’d just stayed awake instead.

So then, what is the best time to take a nap? Luckily, for most of us who experience a little post-lunch groginess, the best time to catch a few ZZZs is actually around 2:00 or 3:00 PM. This time of day coincides with a decrease in alertness and is early enough to keep from disrupting your normal sleep schedule.

Finding The Right Sleep Time
According to the Mayo Clinic, the best amount of time for a proper nap is just 10 to 30 minutes. Anything longer and you’ll most likely wake up with stiffling grogginess and a disrupted sleep schedule.

If you’re feeling your lids get a little heavy after lunch this week, try laying down for a quick 15 minute refresher nap to recharge your batteries and improve your alertness.

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