The Winner of The Biggest Loser Deemed “Too Thin” by Viewers

Rachel Fredrickson wins The Biggest Loser, Viewers Say She's Too Thin | Bulu Box Blog

Last night Rachel Frederickson was named the winner of The Biggest Loser Season 15 and took away the $250,000 prize. When Rachel took the stage it was clear that she was drastically thinner than the last episode in which she used her athletic, former swimmer body to win The Biggest Loser triathlon. Today, the internet is exploding with criticism from viewers who say Rachel, and the show, went to far with the weight loss and ended up in unhealthy territory.

Rachel started The Biggest Loser weighing 260 pounds. Last night she weighed in at a finale 105 pounds, a dramatic change of 155 pounds and 59.62% to become the show’s 15th winner. Watch Rachel take the stage here:

Watch Rachel’s winning moment here:

Following the finale, many viewers took to Twitter to voice their concern over Rachel’s weight and requested that the show address the concerns:


Rachel is only 5’4″ Most health experts put a healthy weight for a woman of this height with a small frame between 114 and 127 pounds. Trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels appeared concerned and alarmed at Rachel’s transformation.

There’s also a crowd that is okay with Rachel’s weight loss, saying that she was in it to win the game and now that she has, she’ll be able to put some weight back on.

Rachel Fredrickson wins The Biggest Loser, Viewers Say She's Too Thin | Bulu Box Blog

While Rachel’s appearance is making headlines, the other transformations of the night are worth noting too. American Idol winner Ruben Studdard lost 119 pounds (25.76% of his body weight). And here’s how Rachel’s last two competitors weighed in:

Bobby Saleem: lost 188 lbs (52.51%)
David Brown: lost 222 lbs (54.28%)
Rachel Fredrickson: lost 155 lbs (59.62%)

Your Turn: Did the right person win? According to math, yes. According to you?

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