Things We’re Loving for Valentines Day


The perfect gift for the perfect Valentine can be tricky to find. Here’s a quick list of the best gifts we found for that fitness fan in your life. 


1. Yin Yang Floral Crop Tank Moonbeam 
If you’re buying for the yogi in your life this crop top is an awesome addition to their daily wardrobe. It features a perfectly cropped bottom and is made with a super soft cotton blend.


2. Onnit Primal Gorilla Tank
This badass tank from ONNIT is a great addition to any guy’s wardrobe. He can wear it to the gym or the beach.


3. Entry into your significant other’s favorite race.
Show your love and support by purchasing your significant other’s entry fee into their favorite race. You can even buy one for yourself and start training together!


4. A custom pair of Nike Free Shoes
Show your significant other that you know their taste and style by making them their own pair of shoes. Nike lets you fully customize their shoes to match their personality.


5. Lenny and larry’s Protein Brownies/Cookies
These sweet protein treats are way better than a box of chocolates. Each protein cookie contains 16g of protein and each brownie contains 20g of muscle building protein! Plus, the taste is AMAZING. This is definitely on our list.


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