Things We’re Loving In May


We’ve compiled a list of all the things we’re loving this month! From new diets to awesome new workout gear. Take a look and share your own!


1. Clean Eating Challenge
This clean eating challenge brought to you by Buzzfeed (Yep, Buzzfeed!) is actually a realistic approach to a two-week detox. Check it out for a great way to start your new diet or to help you get over a weight loss plateau.
We’re always on the lookout for awesome new workout gear and these two pieces are definitely at the top of our list! What is your favorite brand of gear?
A Bulu Crew favorite, Procera XTF is an extreme focusing nootropic that’s great for getting you through your workday or workout! Nootropics actually work to enhance cognitive function including memory, focus, motivation and energy.

4. Strawberry Lemonade Spritze
This lemonade, strawberry soda cocktail is a perfect addition to any brunch. Remember to always enjoy in moderation!

5. Define Bottle Sport Flip Top Infusion Bottle
This awesome water bottle infuses your water on the go! It works great for tea, fruit, cucumbers, anything! It’s made with two detachable sections and a central strainer, keeping your fruit separate from your water so you never get a gulp full of pulp.

6. Spinning Class
We’ve been checking out our local spinning studio, PowerCycle Studio, and working up a sweat! Spinning is a great workout that empowers both your body and mind.
7. NeoCell Beauty Bursts
Packed with beauty nutrients, Beauty Bursts are a delicious chew that helps you build stronger, more radiant hair, skin and nails.
Our DietBet Slim Down For Summer Challenge begins May 12th! You can win real money just for losing weight! Plus, Bulu Box is putting in an extra $1,000 for the winners to split! Join now.
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