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With the arrival of the new and improved Bulu Box comes an opportunity to put those creative juices to work.

Each month do you find yourself constantly checking the mailbox or watching for the mailman to deliver your Bulu Box? We understand, we select awesome products just for that reason! But, do you know what else is awesome about receiving a Bulu Box each month? The Box itself! Think of all the crafts you can do! Well, incase your creative juices aren’t quite flowing yet here are a few ideas we came up with for how you can reuse/recycle your old Bulu Boxes.

Store your pens, pencils, art supplies within a desk
With a few homemade cardboard dividers this is the perfect desk organize. Have a slot for pens, pencils, and in our case, Aeroshot.

Lunch Box
Using a piece of string you can turn it into a lunch box. Be sure to pack some QSpeed Fast Melt CoQ10 and Neocarb Bloc for a healthy kick to your lunch.

Gerbil Home/Bird Nest
With a few pieces of nature or some creative bedding (try earth friendly wood pulp) this is a perfect bed for your little guy.

Frame our motivational quotes
Cut out a few of your favorite quotes from the front of our box and fit then to your favorite frames. It’s an opportunity to let your creative spirit shine!

Make up
Perfect for keeping your nail polish, lipstick and eye shadows all in one organized spot.


These are just a few ways you can reuse and recycle your old Bulu Boxes. Be sure to tweet us a picture or post on Pinterest and use hashtag #Reusebulu.

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