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Tips & Tricks to Make Your Thanksgiving Meal Healthy

Don’t get too stuffed on stuffing this Thanksgiving!

Turkey Day is upon us Bulugans! Did ya know the average American consumes around 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving? Now that’s a feast! However to rid all those calories you’d have to run for almost 5 hours or walk over 40 miles, so to spare you sore muscles after burning those Thanksgiving cals, we put together a guide to help you build the perfect Thanksgiving day plate!

Tips & Tricks to Make Your Thanksgiving Meal Healthy | Bulu Box - Superior Vitamins and Supplements

Stick to these sizes when choosing your Thanksgiving goods:

Turkey: size of 1 deck of cards (3 oz.) – 132 calories

Salad: size of a baseball – 100-150 calories (depending on the dressing)

Veggies: get a handful of veggies, you can never have too many! :) – calories vary

Mashed Potatoes: size of a tennis ball cut in half (1/2 cup) – 145 calories

Gravy: size of golf ball – 30-50 calories

Stuffing: standard size of a scoop of ice cream (1/2 cup) – 180 calories

Cranberry Sauce: golfball size – 105 calories

Butter: the size of one single dice – about 36 calories

Cornbread: size of 1 personal bar of soap – 175 calories

Pie: size of a light bulb (pumpkin pie – 323 calories, apple pie – 300, pecan pie – 456)


Thanksgiving Tips and Tricks:

Use a smaller plate
Grabbing a smaller place will help ensure that you don’t grab too much food, plus it’ll look like you have a ton of food so your brain won’t trick ya into wanting more food.

Go crazy on fruits, veggies, and beans
Aim to make fruits, veggies, beans, and whole grains into the biggest part of your meal!

Guzzle that water
Drink a glass of water before you attack your Thanksgiving meal! It’ll help feel ya up so you don’t over-eat.

Thanksgiving “spirits” anyone?
If you decide to drink libations, don’t forget drinkwel! Drinkwel will provide you with the right vitamins and nutrients that you might need for Black Friday shopping!

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