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Top 5 Netflix Finds To Help You Live a Healthier Life

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Picture this…
You are sitting on your couch, snuggled upwith a warm cup of tea watching Netflix. Next thing you know, you are a foodgenius, yoga guru, and just found the secret to obtain everything you have everwanted in life. This isn’t a fairytale description we used to lure you intoreading this blog (but thank you anyway!) It’s just a special thanks to thedocumentaries made to help you look at health, fitness, and overall wellness abit differently.

Without further adieu, here are the Top 5Netflix Finds that educate and inspire people to live an overall healthierlife.


Food, Inc.
This documentary compares ‘big agriculture’with local farmers and explores where the food we purchase from the grocerystore really comes from, and what’s actually in it. The film has convinced manyviewers to go vegetarian or just opt out for locally grown and/or free-rangemeat.

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Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead
This documentary follows the journey of twooverweight men dealing with obesity and the illnesses that could perhaps endtheir lives. They both decide to make a life change and go on a two-month dietof only fruit and vegetable juice. One review on Netflix proclaims, “This is avery simple film that makes a very clear point – the way we eat is killingus.”  

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Super Size Me
We’re sure this isn’t a documentary you have yetto hear about. After its debut in theatres in 2004, it’s stirred up a lot ofbuzz. The documentary follows a man who decides to consume McDonalds forbreakfast, lunch, and dinner for an entire month straight. During his journeyyou watch how his body changes on the inside and out as he “super sizes” everymeal order and takes a closer look at how the marketing of fast food chainshave made impacts in the growing obesity epidemic.

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The Beautiful Truth
“The Beautiful Truth” covers a wide range oftopics from mercury in fillings to natural cancer cures. It asks the question; Canbeing holistic help save the world from many illnesses and diseases? Thedocumentary follows a teenage boy who is inspired to investigate the theorythat diet alone can cure cancer and other diseases after reading a book by Dr.Max Gerson.

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The Secret
“The Secret” is not a food documentary butinstead an uplifting, inspirational way of viewing life. Many people believe the‘secret’ has existed for thousands of years, has been shared around the world,and brought success to such greats as Plato and Albert Einstein. “The Secret”is taught by many teachers, philosophers, doctors and scientists to teach youhow to achieve success in your career, relationship, and health.

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