Wash The Funk Out of It

What’s on your list of resolutions for this upcoming year? It’s easy to come up with drastic resolutions, but sometimes we forget how impactful the small ones can be. Whether your goal is to start exercising or to keep up your routine, we all could use a way to stay fresh and confident when exercising.

There is nothing worse than wondering if it’s you or the person next to you smelling ripe during a workout. Maybe it isn’t you, it’s your workout gear! Do you have stinky sportswear that seems to never be clean? This is caused by water resistant properties in athletic clothing. These properties keep you comfortable and dry during a workout. The downside? Trapping body oils and other crud in your beloved yoga pants. Fear not! Defunkify has a line of laundry products to release the grime from your workout gear.

How is Defunkify Different?

Traditional laundry detergent doesn’t clean on a microscopic level, it just masks the odor with a scent like “clean breeze.” And if we are being honest here, that “clean breeze” is gone five minutes into a workout. Defunkify uses plant-based enzymes to remove the odor-causing bacteria’s food source, which leaves your clothing fibers free of build-up and deep cleans all the way down to a microscopic level.

Environmentally Friendly

Defunkify is made by a group of scientists in Oregon that were tired of the funk in their athletic clothing. They wanted to make products that are environmentally friendly and increased performance. Defunkify is made with Green Chemistry which means each product is tested in depth for safety and to prevent eco-toxicity. As well as being environmentally friendly, Defunkify doesn’t test on mammals! That’s a win in our book.

Start the New Year Fresh

Making goals for the New Year is all about making improvements. Small improvements like changing how you clean your clothes can make a lasting effect on your time and confidence levels. Instead of feverishly washing your gear trying to get the smell out with your current detergent, swap it with Defunkify Active Wash Laundry Detergent to deep clean in one wash. You’ll never have to worry about putting together the Instagram-worthy workout outfit. Finally, spend more time focused on things you love doing. Imagine going to the gym and never worrying if you’re the stinky one! You can finally dig out your favorite workout clothes from the “too gross to wear” heap. Wash the funk out of you as you crush your New Year’s goals. Look out hot yoga class, here we come!

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