Watch as a Singer is Transformed from a Regular Girl to a Pop Star


The media has been bringing to light just how common photoshopped images are – from photoshopped magazine ads to before/after photos. The latest medium to be photoshopped? Music videos! Just watch this to see how a young singer in transformed from a regular (and already beautiful) girl into a pop star.

27-year-old singer Hungarian singer, Csemer Boglarka (Boggie) did something different with her new song Noveau Perfum. In her video you will watch her get a total makeover from photoshop!

“Women open magazines and they have to face that on the pages everyone looks perfect, therefore they start to feel imperfect. I wanted to make it clear that we shouldn’t try to compete with this perfectionism and manipulation which ruins your self-esteem,”


“You should accept yourself on your good days and bad days, which is a hard process but it pays out at the end.”

                                                         – Csemer Boglarka (Boggie)

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