Week in the Life of a Bulugan!

A Week In The Life Of A Bulugan - Katrina Pilkington - Katrina Elle | Bulu Box - sample superior vitamins and supplements
We decided to ask our fellow Bulugans how they discovered all the products in their Bulu Box. The Bulugan to give us some insight on our December box was Katrina Pilkington of Katrina Elle!
131230_Blog_MeStrengthMESTRENGTH: Orange came with my Bulu Box and both hubby and I loved it! We both used it during our workout and had great hydration to keep us through a tough circuit workout! It’s convenient in size to carry with a water bottle to the gym also!


Brain Forza Study Juice: I started taking DHA myself a little while back and feel that Study juice is a great compliment. I’m not a student at the time, BUT have a zillions tasks I work on at work along with training clients and making their fitness plans. Study Juice kept me focused while also tasting great!


BSN AMINOX: Hubby tried this guy out for me. He LOVED the taste and felt like he was able to fuel his muscles after a tough strength workout. This guy can lift dumbbells that weigh as much as I do too ;) Compared to his usual energy or post-workout drinks, he felt recharged and recovered from the amino mix.


Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 2.43.33 PM
Puracyn: Handy to take with on trips and races, I know that Puracyn would be something that could easily be used for wounds on the go! No one has time to find a first aid kit, but keeping wounds clean and clear is essential for healing – Puracyn is perfect for that!


131230_Blog_Tapaz2GoTapaz 2 Go: I eat gluten free and was SO happy that these treats were Gluten Free along with being handy to take to work! I tried Tapaz 2 Go as a snack and the lentil chips along with hummus mixture was delish! It gave me just the right amount of carbs and protein for a healthy boost of energy along with tasting great!


Hi, I’m Kat & I’m just an average gal trying to balance a full time job, semi-mostly-healthy eating, working out, a hubby, friends, family, being a Personal Trainer. Visit my blog here: http://www.katrinaelle.com/p/my-story.html
Brain Forza Study Juice BSN Aminox MeStrength Puracyn Tapaz 2 Go Week In The Life Of A Bulugan

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