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Week In The Life Of A Bulugan

A Week In The Life Of A Bulugan | Bulu Box - Sample Superior Vitamins and Supplements

We decided to ask our fellow Bulugans how they discovered all the products they found in their Bulu Box. The Bulugan to give us some insight on our March box was Fitness and Media expert, Tina Anderson!

A Week In The Life Of A Bulugan - QSpeed Rating | Bulu Box - Sample Superior Vitamins and SupplementsMonday: I kicked off the week with QSpeed since this is the product in my box that supports heart health and I know the importance of CoQ10 in our daily functions not to mention our workouts. This was one of my favorite products out of the five. Why? They dissolve quickly, they taste good, they’re safe for all ages, they’re convenient and they’re made from high quality, naturally fermented Coenzyme Q10. We live in a society of convenience and this product makes it super easy to get an important supplement. And, just taking something like this boosts your confidence that you are giving your mind and body a boost. 5 Stars


A Week In The Life Of A Bulugan - At Ease P.M. Rating | Bulu Box - Sample Superior Vitamins and SupplementsTuesday: AT EASE PM was my selection. I had two products for sleep aid and I liked them both but I felt more comfortable with this one. I like the company in general (I researched all the samples before I took them), and their natural ingredients in addition to their philosophy although their “team” as they call it is not comprised of any physicians. I did feel a sense of peace and calmness and I definitely noticed myself getting a bit sleepy after taking the sample. I had a good night’s rest, too. I’m now quite curious about their other products and I know I will be trying a few others. I’m giving this 4 stars but I’m hoping it would have been a 5 if I had taken it more consistently. Always hard to tell with one dose.


Week In The Life Of A Bulugan - Tina Anderson - Aero Shot Rating | Bulu Box - Sample Superior Vitamins and SupplementsWednesday: On to AEROSHOT Energy. I have a super busy day training clients and then I try to squeeze in my own workout. I find that my own energy levels sometimes drop so I don’t feel as motivated to train. I took my “shot” before weight training and although it’s simple to use, I wasn’t crazy about the design and application. I want to see what I’m taking and how much of it I’m getting. Honestly, I would rather sip a cup of coffee. I did feel better that I had it as a tool and I felt fine during the workout. Yes, it’s very convenient and it could save the right person a lot of time, which is certainly important. Not giving it a lower rating because I think it’s a bad product, it’s just not that exciting to me. 3 Stars


A Week In The Life Of A Bulugan - Dream Water Rating | Bulu Box - Sample Superior Vitamins and SupplementsThursday: Back to a sleep aid with Dream Water. I alluded to this product in my Tuesday product review. I definitely felt a nice lull after about 30-minutes and I felt ready to go to bed. I liked it but I would only use this one from time to time. I know there is mixed research on melatonin and I think many of us have simply messed up our natural body clocks and would do best by making better lifestyle choices. Thus said, I’m not big on diving into products with melatonin, which this one uses. Partly for that reason, 3 Stars.


A Week In The Life Of A Bulugan - Quick Fire Rating | Bulu Box - Sample Superior Vitamins and SupplementsFriday: QUICK FIRE started my morning before an interval-based training session.  I liked this product and I have to admit, I didn’t think I would. I use other pre-workout powders from time to time and the issues are typically taste, mix-ability and effect. I’m happy with all of them. I poured it into a small glass of water on my way to workout and only had the end of a pencil to mix it but it dissolved immediately. I actually liked (yes, liked) the Fruit Punch flavor. Huge workout boost? No, but enough that I didn’t miss the cup of coffee I usually have. I would recommend it for caffeine sensitive types but if I had a killah workout in front of me, I would probably move on to something more heavy duty. 4 Stars


A Week In The Life Of A Bulugan - Itrain Rating | Bulu Box - Sample Superior Vitamins and SupplementsSaturdayiTrain is a fantastic concept and certainly one that is practical and user-friendly. Anything that helps get and keep people moving and motivated gets the green light from me. I will be checking out the yoga sections for sure.


About Tina:
What do you want to change? How are you going to do it? You need a plan. Here’s how mine works. I’m an information junkie so I naturally seek out the latest breakthroughs. I filter out the BS and hype and try things first so I can share from personal experience and suppport the “superGroove” triad of physical, mental and spiritual wellness. My plan uses an outline and strategy to deal with obstacles and weaknesses while building upon strengths. It fortifies and equips by creating a personalized toolbox of resources. And, it requires diligence, hard work and big dreams. Whether you use bits and pieces or jump into sG mode with my Team Beachbody biz or my upcoming Groove Package, I’m here to encourage and help. There is always a way and I’ll help you find it.

Learn more about Tina by visiting her website and checking her out on Facebook and Twitter!

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