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What Happens When You Stand for 2 Years?

Photo credit: Tricks of the Trade

What would you do if you couldn’t sit for two entire years while at work? One man did it. Meet Arshad Chowdhury, who’s been using a standing desk at work for two years, sometimes standing for over 10 hours, with the only breaks being when he naps, eats or meditates.

“I don’t have before and after blood tests or other objective metrics, but here’s my subjective experience. I cannot attribute all theses changes to standing; I do a Power 20 workout every day. Nonetheless, I stand more than any other activity, so it probably shapes my body more than anything else.”

Some things that I feared would happen did not actually happen.

  • I didn’t develop any knew, foot, back, or hip pains.
  • I don’t feel exhausted at the end of the day or week.
  • My productivity and ability to concentrate did not go down.

What did happen:

  • My posture improved. My neck and shoulders no longer pitch forward
  • My legs became more muscular
  • I no longer get back pain.
  • My work day involves a lot more movement

Think you’re ready to start standing? Read the entire story here:


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