What Is Hyaluronic Acid And What Does It Do


With so many new health and beauty products constantly coming to market, all with extraordinary claims, it can be difficult to know which ones really produce results!

To further complicate the issue, there’s also the fact that some ingredients work well for some people, while for others, they could be ineffective. Finding things that work for you is largely a matter of trial and error, and taking chances with new products.

Still, it’s worth reading up on reviews of products, and finding items that work for many. One such ingredient that’s making big claims –and seems to be backing them up, is a substance that’s known as hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is taking the beauty world by storm –and for good reason. This product is a substance that provides moisture that helps to keep the skin hydrated and healthy –helping you to look, and feel younger.

What is It?
Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally found in the human body. It acts as a cushion and lubricant in the joints and other tissues. We’re born with high levels of this substance, which is why a baby has soft and hydrated skin. Over time, though, the body produces less hyaluronic acid and the skin starts to show signs of aging. Additionally, years spent in the sun and exposure to chemicals can damage the skin, making it look even older.

Hyaluronic acid, though, helps to minimize these issues, giving you softer, healthier, younger looking skin without the use of harsh chemicals that can often do more harm than good.

Hyaluronic acid today is produced in a lab, and involves the process of bacterial fermentation. The end result? A purified, finished product that’s just like the stuff that’s found in your body. The wonders of modern science!

Since hyaluronic acid is naturally occurring anyways, it works well with most skin types. It is also perfect for those who have sensitive skin, providing gentle hydration. In addition to a serum, hyaluronic acid is also available as a supplement –which helps to support both healthy skin and joints.


At the end of the day, you’ll want to choose products that are not only good for the skin, but ones that will work for you personally! Don’t just take our word for it –read up on reviews online for products before you buy them to see how they’re working for others –then take the leap, try it for yourself, and see if it works for you too!

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