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What Is Pole Fitness?

Have you heard of pole fitness? This up-and-coming sport and fitness trend has already gained much popularity globally and is finding its roots now in the United States. 

Pole fitness is a combination of acrobatics, gymnastics and yes, pole dancing. Pole fitness found its routes in the ’90s when it was known as “exotic dancing” before getting a rebrand as pole fitness. Make no mistake, this isn’t the kind of exotic dancing or pole dancing found in a nightclub. Pole fitness was designed as a workout to help improve your strength and endurance in a fun, non-traditional fashion.

Classes tend to begin with stretching, then progressing into the strength and conditioning work that is focused on the pole. Classes can include different lifts, spins and moves that push your physical endurance to new levels. Don’t worry about not being able to do the intense acrobatic moves you might see in videos of pole fitness. When beginning, most people can barely lift themselves off the ground. With work, this type of exercise can build up your strength and eventually, you’ll be able to master all sorts of incredible, gravity-defying positions! Pole fitness is focused on helping tone your muscles with intense, static positions. Classes use more choreographed routines for an intense cardio workout.

So, how does a sport with a sultry past overcome its reputation? The International Pole Sports Federation is constantly working to potray pole fitness as a true sport and is even fighting for a place in the Olympics. This federation, which controls many of the rules and guidelines of competition, has created strict guidelines on outfits for participants. Examples of these rules and guidelines include tops fully covering the breast area for women, and generally, high heels are not allowed during competition.

Pole fitness is a fun and interesting new way to gain strength and confidence! If your city has a pole fitness studio, it’s worth taking a look.

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