What Nobody Tells You About Losing Weight

A recent poll suggests that 
49 percent of Americans say they would like to lose weight. Whether it’s for health reasons –or cosmetic issues- maintaining a healthy weight offers a number of significant benefits. For example, it can reduce your chances for chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Not to mention, having less weight will also give you more energy!

There are a number of ways to go about losing weight, and some methods are much more effective than conventional fad diets. So, what is skinny? What really happens when you lose weight? Here are a few things that you should know about dropping the pounds, and better yet, keeping the weight off!
It Won’t Happen Overnight
Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results right away. Losing weight doesn’t happen overnight –or at least it shouldn’t. If you are losing weight in a healthy way it will take time. If you’re hoping for lasting results, remember that slow and steady will win this race.

You Can Lose Weight and Still Look the Same
Sometimes people lose weight and feel discouraged because when they look in the mirror nothing has changed. In other cases, sometimes people actually gain weight and look better than ever. The reason? Muscle tone. It’s not just about shifting the weight, it’s about toning your body. Muscles will give you more definition, and a longer, leaner physique. 

People Will Want to Talk About It
It may seem unlikely now, but as time passes you might start to get tired of hearing people telling you how great you look. People are going to want to talk about your weight loss journey because people are always looking for a good success story. You’ve worked hard, it’s okay to soak up the attention – and divulge your secrets – so you can encourage others to feel empowered to be successful also. Be their inspiration!

Quick Solutions Won’t Last
It’s important to recognize that quick solutions rarely last. Crash diets, or diets that rely on extreme deprivation, usually don’t end well. Instead of thinking about only losing weight, aim for health and sustainable lifestyle changes. For example, incorporate plenty of veggies, eat a moderate amount of healthy proteins and fat, and drink plenty of water. There you have it, the secret to keeping weight off long-term! Additionally, weight training, which will help to build muscle, instead of exercise that strictly burns carbs, is a better way to maintain a healthy weight.


If you’re thinking about losing weight make sure you have the right motivation. You should be doing it for yourself – to get healthy, to have more energy, or to feel better about yourself. When you decide to lose weight for YOU, you’ll be able to stick with it. 

Have you lost weight recently? What did you learn from the experience?



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