What’s The Tapping Diet And Can It Help You Lose Weight

Have you heard of the new diet that involves tapping your fingers to lose weight? Sounds easy, right? Well, it’s more than just tapping on a table or on your leg like when we’re impatient. Here’s the low-down on the tapping diet and how it can help you lose weight by getting to the source of your dieting difficulties. 

Where did it start?
The tapping diet is a result of a new book by Jessica Ortner, Tapping For Weight Loss. She claims that this centuries-old practice could be the answer to losing weight because it helps “bridge the gap between mind and body”. The book is focused on getting down to the cause of food cravings and urges.

What’s the tapping all about?
Tapping, which Ortner refers to as emotional freedom technique (EFT), is based on the science of acupressure (just like acupuncture but without using a needle). Acupressure refers to touching points on the body that are associated with anxiety.

So how does that help you lose weight?
A lot of weight gain can be attributed to anxiety. Those who experience this anxiety often turn to food to reduce their anxiety, which eventually causes cravings when a person becomes anxious. By tapping the 9 acu points associated with anxiety in sequence it can help relieve cravings associated with anxious eating. Stopping these cravings can be the first step in starting to live a healthier lifestyle.

Want to learn more? 
Check out Ortner’s website here and see if tapping is something you can benefit from!

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