What The Hell Is: Nitric Oxide?


If you’ve ever taken an energy boosting pre-workout you’ve probably noticed the words “Nitric Oxide Booster” or “NO3 Booster” somewhere on the container. What is this ingredient that boosts your energy and endurance to new heights?

How Does It Work?
Nitric Oxide (NO) is a molecule in your body that acts as a powerful vasodilator, meaning it has the ability to relax blood vessels allowing them to widen and increase blood flow. It’s important to note that nitric oxide boosters found in pre-workout formulas are not nitric oxide itself. They’re a combination of ingredients that convert to NO within your body to help increase blood flow and the delivery of nutrients like amino acids and glucose to your muscles to help boost energy and endurance.

Where Do You Get It?
Nitric Oxide boosters found in pre-workout often come in the form of the amino acid arginine (or L-Arginine). Because your body is limited in the amount of arginine i†’s able to convert into nitric oxide so it’s often paired with other ingredients that help increase the amount of arginine converted into NO. A few of these ingredients include Pycnogenol, Histidine, and American Ginseng. Almost all pre-workout supplements on the market today contain these pump-boosting ingredients to help give you a rush of energy.


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