What Would Happen If Everyone Ran?

Photo by Jens Ingvarsson

Everyone knows that running is beneficial for your health, but you might not realize just how beneficial this exercise is. According to a new study commissioned by Mizuno Running, the benefits are expressed in awesome and shocking stats

If 270 million Americans (pretty much everyone with the physical ability) chose to run on a regular basis, the life expectancy of women would increase 5.6 years and 6.2 years in men! That’s not all, check out these stats:

  • We would cut $143 billion in our health care spending
  • We would lose a total of 200 million inches from our waistlines
  • We would smoke 48.1 million fewer cigarettes per day
  • We would make 63 million dogs happier ;)
  • We would see 18% fewer divorces

That’s just some stats to point out, check out more highlights from the study below:

What if Everybody Ran Infographic

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