Why the Gift of Good Health Matters

Why The Gift of Good Health Matters | Bulu Box sample superior vitamins and supplements

Staying healthy isn’t easy. As the New Year approaches, we at JustBecause will be making our annual resolution to go to the gym, run each morning and eat foods with ingredients we can actually pronounce.


We do a lot of analysis on gifting data and we’ve found that people have a profound influence over their friends when they give gifts. Whether it’s buying a friend a little something, or giving a gift card to try some place new, we all influence our friends each day.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, the very fact that we sent a gift at all influences our friends. We analyzed our gifting and influence data from our iPhone app and found that people who receive a gift are 10% more likely to send a gift than those who didn’t receive one.

So when you gift to someone, you’re impacting both their own habits and also whether they decide to “pay it forward.” This holiday season, if you’re thinking of gifting something healthful (and Bulu Box is a perfect healthful gift), remember that you won’t just be influencing the behavior of your friend, but that gift is likely going to be shared by your friend with others you haven’t even met.

JustBecause is an iPhone app that brings you valuable gifts, like a free month of Bulu Box, that you can send to friends for $1 as long as they haven’t tried it before. Learn more at JustBecauseApp.com and download the app here

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