Why You Should Take Care of Your Joints Now

Your joint health is more important than you may think at any age. Joint health impacts your daily health. From exercising to sitting down, there are many parts of your body that can ache due to poor joint care.

Joints are the parts of your body where two bones attach and move. Cartilage and synovial fluid cushion the joints so bones don’t rub together. With increasing age or weight gain, the wear and tear on your cartilage increases. This can lead to arthritis.

5 Ways You Can Take Care Of Joints:

  1. Exercise- Work aerobic exercise into your daily workout routine. Aerobic exercises can help reduce swelling. Low impact exercising like swimming and biking are perfect for people who like to be outdoors while maintaining their health. Make sure you are getting off your couch for at least thirty minutes a day for better joint health!
  2. Muscle Support- Without the proper muscle support, your joints can easily take a beating. This is when weight training comes in to help build strong muscles and ligaments. Work with a personal trainer at your fitness center! They will teach you all the right and wrong ways to lift weights.
  3. Clinical Strength OxyJoint- Dr. Pergolizzi’s Clinical Strength OxyJoint is perfect for everyday aches, discomfort and stiffness. It may improve physical performance, increase mobility and can start working in as little as 14 days! Clinical Strength OxyJoint also focuses on two other areas often missed by other pain relievers: nerve health and everyday stress and anxiousness.
  4. Posture- Neither standing up or sitting down all day is good for your joints. Standing and sitting up straight are important in protecting your joints from your neck to your knees. Good posture also helps protect your hip joints and back muscles.
  5. Rest Your Wrists- To help prevent arthritis in your wrists, a common place for arthritis to occur, purchase a wrist rest for your desk so while you’re on the computer you can rest as needed!

What do you do to take care of your joints?


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