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There comes a time every year where you walk outside in short sleeves thinking the warm, damp air will greet you, but then something hits you like a slap in the face – the dry, cold air of winter. Prepare not only your wardrobe this year, but also your most important asset, your skin!


Thankfully all those yummy foods you’re already eating to keep your body healthy (like apples, oranges, fish and eggs) are also loaded with vitamins and minerals that have fantastic effects on your skin. Here are some essential vitamins and minerals to load up on this winter.

Vitamin A– Foods high in Beta-Carotene are turned into Vitamin A in the body and it helps to build and repair skin cells, leaving your skin constantly rejuvenated and glowing. For foods high in Beta-Carotene look for apricots, carrots and sweet potatoes! (Pro-tip: Don’t over-do it on the beta carotene unless you are going for the oompa loompa look.)

Vitamin C– Not only does it help in skin elasticity to aid off any stretch marks, but it also protects it against free radicals. For foods packed with this vitamin, load up on strawberries, oranges, and bell peppers.

Vitamin E– Combined with Vitamin C, this combo pair has anti-aging affects that will leave your skin looking younger day after day by fortifying cell membranes and fighting harmful UV rays from the sun. For foods loaded with Vitamin E, look for nuts, olive oil and avocados. Also try out Mineral Fusion Body Lotion that is packed with our favorite vitamin pair – Vitamin C and Vitamin E

Selenium– This mineral does not only help firm skin but isalso high in antioxidants that help protect your skin from sun damage. Foods that are high in selenium funny enough are related – chicken breast and eggs both are good sources of protein and selenium.

Omega 3’s– Fortifying cell membranes and keeping toxins out are all in a days work for omega 3’s. It keeps all the good-for-you nutrients in and helps reduce inflammation; that means fewer acne breakouts Bulugans! Salmon, soy beans and walnuts are a good source of omega 3’s.


Other tips to keep your skin lookin’ good this winter:

 -Take shorter showers and moisturize right after getting out. The longer you shower, the more natural oils you are losing that results in drier skin. We suggest using lotions and deodorants that won’t dry out your skin, like Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion that is packed with Omega 3, 6, 9 and 7 (the skin healing omega) and Crystal Essence Deodorant that has mineral salts that form a protective layer on your skin and keep odor from forming with no harmful chemicals.

-Drink plenty of water and add foods to your diet that will help retain your skins natural oils like salmon and soy beans.

-Don’t skimp out on the sunscreen folks! Just because you may not want to run outside in your bikini when it’s sunny doesn’t mean those harmful UV rays aren’t still there.




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