Work Out Like a Rock Star!

Tired of boring workouts? We’ve got a few ways to mix up your normal sweat routine with these fun workouts!

Pound it!
This workout uses a unique style of drumming (without the drum) with 1-pound drumsticks called Ripstix to burn calories. Feel like a fat burning rock star while blasting calories! Pound (literally) away pounds with the Pound Rockout Workout while possibly burning up to 900 calories per hour!

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Ballet Star
Maybe you’d prefer turning into a ballet star instead of a rock star? A barre workout is the workout for you! Combining pilates and dance, these exercises include both slow exercises to stretch and warm up muscles, and fast exercises, which help strengthen muscles and maintain technique at any speed. Barre classes can be a great way to build core strength and to sculpt the lower body targeting muscles like never before!

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Not enough time?
Many rock stars find it hard to make time to workout, luckily there are online workouts are available 24/7 so that you can break a sweat anywhere! iTrain allows you to customize and download your workout routine whether you have time for a 45-min cardio blast or a quick 12-minute core workout.

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Your Turn: What workouts make you feel like a rock star?

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