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Looking to start working towards your goals but not sure how to take the first step? Check out this Q&A with Ashleigh Blatt, founder of Yes! Change Is Easy! and get some great tips on getting your goals started! 

1. Where did the idea for Yes! Change Is Easy! come from?
The idea for the Yes! Change is Easy cards was something I thought a lot about after personally working for over a year to make a dramatic change in my life.  A few years ago, I was deep in sorrow and depression but I fought and fought and fought everyday to get myself out of it.  I tried so many different things including counseling, working out, I even went to coaching school thinking something had to work!  I had to find a way to feel better.  It was a process and the change that came, to me, was miraculous. In the end, did I learn a lot of lessons?  Yes! I struggled.  I cried.  I gave up.  I sang and danced too.  After a lot of hard work, my change was incredible and has been long-lasting.

Quite frankly, it came because I worked at getting better, every single day.

The cards are a result of that process.  I learned through my own struggle and process many different methods and tools for creating long-lasting change in one’s life and I found the most important things were to stay focused and work hard.  I believe anyone can create the change they are looking for if they work the process too.  Determine what you want and work at it everyday.

2. What’s the best way to start working towards a goal? 
To start.

Right now.

This minute.

Do ONE thing.

It can take a minute to complete or five or ten minutes.  It doesn’t have to be any longer than that.

Do ONE thing and you have started.  You are on your way.

3. For those looking to live a healthier lifestyle in 2014 what types of goals should they set? (i.e. big goals vs small goals?)
Ideally, when setting goals, one should set “SMART” goals.  Specific, Measurable, Appropriate, Realistic and Time-Related.

Admittedly though setting SMART goals can be too overwhelming for people to put together.   I say, create a goal that you can achieve then pump it up a little so that when you get there, you can really feel accomplished.  Do this process again and again and again.

4. What are some tips for maintaining long-term goals?
1. Give credit where credit is due.  We are so hard on ourselves.  Even if you complete one small single action, that is something.  A lot of people don’t even take that small step.  Give yourself credit that you have begun.

2. Allow yourself to get on and off the so-called “band-wagon.”  It’s unrealistic to think you are going to change in one day or a even short period of time.   When you stop, you can always start again.

3. Allow yourself to fail.  How many times did my little girl fall as she learned to walk?  Many many times but every time she got up again.  Now she can run, jump and skip!  You have to allow yourself to fail in order to eventually succeed.

4.  And do something, anything, as often as possible, towards that goal.  With the right amount of gumption and work, momentum will take over and help you.

5. When things get hard, what’s the best way to stick with it? How do you motivate yourself?
I do one of two things.  I either put my head down and power through.  I do the hard work even if I really really really don’t feel like it.  Usually in these moments, I put on that Nothing-Is-Going-To-Get-Me music and do the hard work.  (I listen to a lot of Eminem and I like “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys for those times.)

OR quite honestly, I take a break.  I step away.  I nap.  Or I walk.

I think both these strategies are incredibly powerful but it’s best to know when to use them.  Listen to yourself and what your body is telling you.  Or start with the nap and then throw on Eminem.

6. What’s the best part of goal setting?
I truly believe anything is possible.  And that when you set a goal, your likelihood of achieving it goes up dramatically!  It is so much fun to be a part of that process!  I believe the Yes! Change is Easy cards can help anyone looking to create something new in their lives.  When you set a goal and take one action everyday the world opens up for you.

7. How do you celebrate accomplishing a goal? (Can be something fun, serious, anything you want!) 
When I work towards my goals, my sense of accomplishment and self-confidence rise up dramatically.  It also helps me feel more comfortable when I want to take a break.  And really, that’s my favorite way to celebrate – to take a break!

Learn more about Yes! Change Is Easy! and get your goals started HERE 

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